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Subjects included:-


High Power Laser Projector 

The LP-HFD2 is the successor of the proven LP-HFD laser projector.
This high-power laser projector with a fibre-coupled laser source offers the highest projection accuracy. It is optimised for displaying 2D and 3D projections. Presentation of CAD data is easily achievable with the enclosed LPM software. Coupled with another laser projector, it can also be used as a multi-projection system.

Wide Band Current Monitors

Whether you are interested in observing and measuring submilliamp currents in a charged particle beam or thousands of amps resulting from a fault in a major power feeder, you will find a Pearson current monitor to suit your needs. The use of their patented distributed termination technique permits pulse-current monitoring of rise times as short as two nanoseconds. 


New Imaging Technologies New Application on Gated Imaging

NIT, the manufacturer of Wide Dynamic Range Vis and SWIR cameras, have issued a new application note on Gated Imaging which is available on their website to download.
Gated Imaging provides the ability to image a specific depth slice of a scene with multiple applications. In this document, you can understand more about Gated Imaging through:
If you have any further question or discuss more this field of activity, don’t hesitate to contact us.

BitFlow Frame Grabbers for Machine Vision Applications

BitFlow has been developing industrial frame grabbers and software for the imaging industry since 1993. They specialise in interfacing to cameras with very high data/frame rates. Their frame grabbers are utilised in environments with complex triggering and I/O requirements. Their frame grabber interfaces are Camera Link, CoaXPress, and Differential. The BitFlow software is some of the easiest to use, yet incredibly powerful and reliable.

Linear Proximity Sensors

CMOS Sensor Inc manufacture a range of linear sensors from 250mm to 1.25 meters. Applications include:-
- Glass inspection
- LCD, OLED process inspection
- LCD, OLED panel inspection
- Thin film solar panel process inspection
- LCD back light panel inspection
- PCB inspection
- Web inspection
- Printing press inspection
- Textile inspection
- Metal can inspection
- Any flat surface

Backside Illuminated (BSI) version of ELOIS sensor functionally tested

Together with Spacebel and Amos, Caeleste is working on a radiation hardened hyperspectral sensor for a remote sensing application, commissioned by ESA. The device has 256 pixels in the spectral and 2048 in the spatial direction with a pitch of 15.5 µm. 
More information can be found on the Caeleste website


Infrared Laser Diode Modules 

We offer a series of infrared laser modules in the wavelength range from 705nm to 1064nm.
They are available in our standard packages with or without TEC temperature control. Modulation and pattern generating optics can be added on to all our infrared laser modules.
All infrared laser modules are self-contained with integrated driver circuit and optics.
Custom options are available.
For more information on laser diodes, modules call our sales office on +44 (0)1635 30345 or email

Centronic Photodiodes

Centronic silicon diodes are mainly designed to detect light, generating a photocurrent with an external quantum efficiency in the range 0.2 to 0.7 A/W in response to light in the wavelength range 200-1100nm. In addition to light detection, they manufacture diodes specifically for direct detection of x-rays and charged particles (electrons) as well as indirect x-ray detection using scintillator assemblies.

For further information on any of these products email or call 01635 30345 

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