Smart Digital Cameras

LightWise™ IQ GigE / CoaXpress Area Cameras

ISG LightWise area scan cameras offer exceptional performance with both GigE Vision and CoaXpress standard interfaces. These intelligent cameras feature a very low-noise analog front end and TrueSense Imaging KAI series CCD sensors for stellar image quality. The on-board processor, FPGAs and image buffers make for easy customization and highest performance at a lowest system cost in OEM applications. The CoaXpress interface is only available under engineering contract at this time.

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Matrix Vision mvBlueLYNX-XmvBlueLYNX-X

The mvBlueLYNX-X is the next generation of the successful MATRIX VISION intelligent camera product line. The CPU core is based on the state-of-the-art ARM technology with up to 1 GHz target clock and image processing acceleration by DSP coprocessor for parallel handling of multiple pixels. The system is ideally suited for the classical areas of machine vision, the large processing power and high-end display and graphics capability make it perfect for many other application areas.

Modular image sensor interface:-

  • Hybrid dual core: Cortex-A8 ARM CPU up to 1 GHz plus separate real-time DSP with video interface
  • 512 MByte RAM + Dual microSD card memory interface
  • Wide range of interfaces
  • .NET compliant Mono software interface
  • Green automation: high-performance with low power consumption


  • Machine Vision
  • Automation
  • Security
  • Life Sciences
  • Surveillance
  • Medical

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Smart Cam - compact application camera

Industrial image processing needs to be faster and more productive. MATRIX VISION enables users and system integrators to implement highly efficient applications by means of the intuitive and progressive Smart Cam. This modern technology combines mvHardware and software in an unprecedented manner.Smart CAM

  • 1.3 MPix CMOS sensor
  • FGPA/SoC with Dual-Core Cortex-A9 processor, each with 800 MHz
  • 4 GB NAND Flash
  • Application wizards
  • Hardware JPEG compression for monitoring live display
  • Perfect tuning of hardware and software

Dreams and reality converge with this out-of-the-box solution. The Smart Cam, with its learning functions, creates opportunities to set up applications without programming. This technology impresses experts as well, since all the basic functions are covered and image processing experts can concentrate on the really important specifications. Using the open system and expert mode users can develop and configure their own tools. And the captured data are compatible with the most important IBV software libraries.

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Look no further for a GigE Vision camera at a very competitive price

Sentech GigE PoE camera

New GigE Vision® PoE and PoEHS Series from Sentech

The Sentech GigE Vision family of cameras has grown to include new PoE (Power over Ethernet) and PoEHS (HighSpeed) models alongside the Standard and PowerPlus (with Xilinx based user FPGA) models.

Featuring colour and monochrome CCD sensors in VGA, XGA, SXVGA, SXGA, UXGA and QSXGA (5MP) resolutions and they can perform at speeds from 20 fps up to 122fps. They have 8- 10- or 12-bit output is availability, while the 6-pin Hirose connector handles Trigger and I/O signals.

The cameras compact size (35 x 35 x 57.3 mm) makes it a very attractive option for any machine vision application

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