High Resolution Digital Cameras

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ISG LightWise area scan cameras offer exceptional performance with both GigE Vision and CoaXpress standard interfaces. These intelligent cameras feature a very low-noise analog front end and TrueSense Imaging KAI series CCD sensors for stellar image quality. The on-board processor, FPGAs and image buffers make for easy customization and highest performance at a lowest system cost in OEM applications. The CoaXpress interface is only available under engineering contract at this time.

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ISVI CoaXPress cameras offer speed and resolution with GenICam connectivity


The 25-Mpixel, 53 frames/sec IC-X25CXP and 12-Mpixel, 175 frames/sec IC-X12CXP CoaXPress cameras employ colour and monochrISVI-CORP 25MP cameraome global- and rolling-shutter CMOS sensors, with 4.5 × 4.5-µm and 5.5 × 5.5-µm pixel sizes, respectively. Both cameras feature region of interest (ROI), binning, and subsampling; plug-and-play GenICamconnectivity; auto and manual white balance; and various exposure and gain controls. IC-X25CXP achieves 1-lux sensitivity; IC-X12CXP, 4.64 v/lux-sec sensitivity. Both cameras are available with F-mount or M42 lens mount.

Also available are CameraLink output cameras with 25-Mpixel and 29-Mpixel resolution.

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Digital High Resolution Cameras from 2000 to 16000 pixels with 12 bit digital output

Model Number Frame rate Pixel format Comments
CCD 2000 17 fps 1600 x 1200 4.4 x 4.4 pixel size
CCD 4000UV 7.5 fps 2048 x 2048 Increased UV sensitivity
CCD 4000F 15 fps 2048 x 2048 Pixel Clock 80MHz
CCD 4000/C  7.5fps  2048 x 2048 15fps at 2048 x 1024
CCD 5000  12fps  2448 x 2048 sensor saturation >6000e 
CCD11000 3fps 4024 x 2680 6 fps at 4024 x 1340
COOL1100/C 3fps 4024 x 2680 6 fps at 4024 x 1340
CCD 16000 2 fps 4896 x 3264 4fps at 4896 x 1632

Notes :-
/C version = cooled version
Most cameras are available in monochrome and colour
CCD11000 series -PIV option available. Cooled version is available with fan cooling (up to 60 second exposure time) or water cooling (up to 120 seconds exposure time)

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