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October 2017

New Stereo Camera System

3D System

IC 3D is an end-user software for the capture of 3D data produced by The Imaging Source's stereo camera system. Unique in its flexibility, this stereo camera system can be used with a variety of industrial cameras from The Imaging Source and can be easily adjusted to new working distances and depths of field through the modification of camera distances and angles. The IC 3D software offers a convenient user interface for system calibration and the capture and visualization of 3D data.

Key features

  • Compatible with a variety of industrial cameras from The Imaging Source
  • Easily adaptable to new working distances and volumes
  • In systems with existing GPU, GPU-accelerated capture of 3D data
  • Easy calibration
  • Rapid visualization of depth cards and point clouds
  • Compatible with structured light sources for low-contrast surfaces


The IC 3D stereo camera system consists of two compatible industrial cameras, which are selected based on application requirements and mounted to a stable track. This track allows for rapid adjustments to camera distances and angles to realize various working distances and measurement volumes.

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September 2017




ISG has just released an industry first USB3 Vision endoscope. This allows applications using the USB3 Vision standard to seamlessly connect to this unique imaging system. This scope has a very small diameter distal end with a high quality low distortion lens and integrated illumination. It is waterproof and sterilizable, giving it great value in medical endoscopy, industrial borescopes, machine vision, microscopy, and other applications that require optimal image quality.

1.98mm scope end

90 degree Field of View

3mm – 50mm Depth of Field

400 x 400 Distal end CMOS sensor

30 FPS

Proprietary Low Noise Front End Electronics

Integrated Auto/Manual LED illumination

Exceptional LightWise Image Quality

Programmable Inputs and Outputs

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August 2017

The new Linx 10 Continuous Ink Jet printer for batch coding 

Linx 10 printerLinx 10 print1

Linx is pleased to have further expanded their product offering to include the Linx 10 Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer. 

The Linx 10 is a small, easy to use printer, ideal if you are considering moving from a manual to an automated process, from an alternative technology or simply just looking for a new supplier. 

PROTECTION Prints high quality date, batch/lot codes to support your brand with compliance and traceability 

QUALITY Designed to provide the highest reliability and consistency, minimising product waste and mitigating the risk of product recall 

PRODUCTIVITY Easy to use, quick to set up and move between lines, for manufacturing flexibility and increased uptime. 

For more information call 01635 30345 or download the data sheet here

July 2017

Orion 2K Line Scan Allegro Smart Camera

 Orion Allegro camera

  From Imaging Solutions Group comes this new Orion 2k Line Scan camera offering:- 

  • Configurable conversion capacitance for high SNR or high sensitivity
  • Configurable pixel size  10 x10um or 10 X 200um
  • Max line rate up to 80 kHz

    High speed scanning
    Detecting extremely low signal levels
    Machine Vision
    Embedded Imaging

Allegro Cameras are customizable and contain:-

  • Large 256MB image buffer for fast burst capture
  • Powerful ARM processor and FPGA
  • Lightwise Image Processing for superior image quality

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June 2017

PCO-7114 50A 4ns Laser Diode Driver

The PCO-7114 is a compact and economical pulsed-current OEM laser diode driver module that provides up to 50 Ampere current at a fixed pulse width of ≤4 nanoseconds at up to 650KHz pulse repetition frequency.

Mounting pads are provided to mount the laser diode directly to the driver. The four-hole mounting pattern accepts TO-18, TO-5, TO-52, 5.6 mm, and 9 mm packages. To accommodate other diode packages and mounting configurations, two solder pads at the end of the board accept various laser diode packages mounted on-axis to the driver. Alternately, low-inductance stripline cable can be used for connection to a remotely located diode.

Output current is controlled with the voltage at the high-voltage input. The output frequency is controlled by the trigger input frequency.

A current monitor output may be viewed with an oscilloscope, providing a straight-forward means to observe the diode current waveform in real-time.


  • 5A To 50A Output
  • ≤4ns at 20A to 50A Output;
    ≤5ns at 5A to 19.99A Output
    ≤6ns at 0A to 4.99A Output
  • Pulse Repetition Frequency To 650KHz
  • Pulsed Current Monitor Output



The PCO-7114 is designed to provide extremely fast high-current pulses for driving laser diodes in range finder, LIDAR, atmospheric communications and other applications requiring high-current nanosecond pulses.

Download a data sheet


May 2017

Remote head camera system for those tight spots 

The Peerless Creations HD15 remote head camera is designed for those imaging applications where space is at a premium and you want to use standard lenses. It incorporates an off the shelf M12 standard lens mount that not only reduces cost, but allows for quick deployment of a well designed imaging system.
This camera is perfect for covert missions, pipe inspection, endoscopy, aerospace, security, process inspection and many more. The camera control units (CCU) come in two different configurations. One with portable capabilities utilizing a battery pack and a desktop version. Both units have the capabilities to:Peerless HD 15
• Playback video
• File control
• Resolution control
• Video segmenting
• Exposure control
• Light frequency control & illumination control
• Record onto 64GB MicroSD card
** CCU, lenses, and cabling  not included

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Very high resolution 42 Megapixel USB 3.0 CMOS Camera

The Imaging Source introduces the 42 megapixel USB 3.0 industrial camera featuring:
◦ Resolution: 42 megapixel, (7fps at 42 MP, 110 fps at full HD)
◦ C/CS-Mount or integrated optics (including autofocus)
◦ Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 26 mm
◦ Automatic Colour Correction
◦ Sensor: 2/3" CMOS
◦ Type: Color
◦ Interface: USB 3.0
◦ Free technical support
◦ Includes barcode SDK and measurement software, IC Measure

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April 2017Python 25K BASED Camera

New high speed , high resolution camera

The all-new IC-X25P-CXP incorporates a high-resolution,  high-speed, global shutter CMOS sensor providing  5120x5120 pixel resolution at a frame rate of 80Hz.   Combining the newest generation CoaXPress output,  on-board PRNU and Defect Pixel correction,  programmable Exposure down to 1µsec and one of the  best standard deviation specs on the market, this camera  is ideal for high-end applications requiring high speed  and brilliant image quality.

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March 2017

 mvBlueGEMINI – Options and accessories expand the range of possible applications


This twin concept, which brings together the mvBlueGEMINI Smart Camera and the "mvIMPACT Configuration Studio" (mvIMPACT-CS for short) allows users without programming expertise and developers without knowledge of image processing to implement complete visual inspection tasks quickly and cost-efficiently. This is possible thanks to the intuitive and simple operating concept of the mvIMPACT-CS, which uses wizards to guide the user efficiently through the inspection set-up, thus guaranteeing uncomplicated, rapid access to industrial image processing.

With optional accessories, the mvBlueGEMINI Smart Camera can now be easily integrated into virtually any existing industrial fieldbus system. In cooperation with HMS Industrial Networks GmbH, MATRIX VISION offers solutions from the certified and approved product range of Anybus Communicators. Thanks to a suitable configuration file, users can concentrate on what is important - their application - and in doing so, take advantage of the benefits offered by convenient fieldbus integration.

Another innovation is the hygienic design of the Smart Camera, with a stainless steel case and IP 67 protection rating. This option also makes it possible for the Smart Camera to overcome the tough challenges faced, for example, in the food industry.

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February 2017

Sentech announce two new GigE Vision cameras with 8.3MP and 12MP Starvis sensors.

Sentech GigE Vision cameras

While getting ready for the launch of their cameras with 8MP and 12MP Sony Pregius sensors, Sentech have brought to the market two very keenly priced cameras using the Sony Starvis CMOS sensors.  STC-SCS853POE features a 1/ 2.5” format sensor with 3840x2160 pixel resolution at 12.7fps, while STC-SCS1242POE features a 1/1.7” format sensor with 4000x3000 resolution at 8.7fps.  These new models deliver high performance at low cost, and with a rolling shutter (global reset) should be seen as competing against cameras using the established Aptina sensors.   Hard/soft trigger facility is standard, as well as a flexible ROI.  Currently only colour models are available.  The cameras come in the familiar robust Sentech industrial housings (see image), and can be powered via external PSU or via PoE.

For more information on these cameras call 01635 30345 or email

January 2017

e2v’s UNiiQA+ and ELiiXA+ colour line scan cameras is available with an NBASE-T™ Ethernet frame grabber-less interface. This will provide customers with a more cost effective solution to transmit uncompressed, high bandwidth images from the cameras into their systems at the highest possible speeds. The new cameras join the existing CameraLink (ELiiXA+ and UNiiQA+) and CoaXPress (ELiiXA+) models.UNiiQA+

To maintain a competitive advantage, industry leaders in the machine vision market must continuously improve defect detection accuracy and reduce the cost of imaging. The availability of the new ELiiXA+ and UNiiQA+ cameras with an NBASE-T™ connection offers a solution to this challenge, providing:

  • High throughput – enabling high resolution and colour imaging without a frame grabber at speeds of up to 5 Gigabits per second (Gbps) over Category 5 standard cable and 10 Gbps over Category 6 cable
  • Easy integration – compatible with GigE Vision protocol, Category 5 standard cable (in 5Gbps)
  • Long-length (100 metres+), field terminable, inexpensive cabling – reducing costs and enabling easier integration in imaging systems compared with fibre optic cabling
  • Compatibility with existing 1GigE systems and solutions

To introduce these new cameras, e2v has partnered with Pleora Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of high performance video interfaces. Pleora Technologies was the first company from the machine vision industry to join the NBASE-T™ Alliance, a consortium collaborating on new technologies that extends the bandwidth capabilities of twisted-pair copper cabling using standard Ethernet technology. e2v is now a member of this innovative consortium.

Lionel Touchart, Marketing Manager for Line Scan Cameras at e2v, said, “We are delighted to have become a member of the NBASE-T™ Alliance, joining a worldwide network of companies focused on promoting and advancing this new interface, and to have extended our existing line scan families to include the technology. These new e2v cameras will offer our customers great value, with increased bandwidth and higher speeds, keeping their imaging systems competitive.”

To order a UNiiQA+ or ELiiXA+ colour line scan camera with an NBASE-T™ interface, please contact us on 01635 30345 or email



December 2016

World Star Technology offer new side illuminated fibre lasers 

The side illuminated fibre lasers enable unique lighting design applications, because they are thin, flexible, uniformly illuminated fibres. Made with high quality silica core with diffusive cladding and transmissive coating, these fibres illuminate uniformly throughout the entire length, They can be curved or wrapped around objects and embedded into tight spaces while maintaining uniform light output. These fibre lasers are offered with light outputs of 450nm, 520nm, 638nm and RGB. Fibre lengths of 2,3 and 5 meters are available. Typical applications include automobile interior lighting, architectural lighting, swimming pool lighting and in consumer electronics.

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November 2016Sentech amera range

Sentech provides state of the art hardware, magnificent software, unrivalled support, and incredible pricing to all our customers.

Sentech the leading supplier of machine vision cameras have been steadily introducing a new compact and high performance range of industrial cameras with USB3.0, GigE Vision and CameraLink outputs. Cameras are available from 0.3 MegaPixel to 5.1 Mega pixels. Our website displays a list of all the  models recently introduced.
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October 2016

Fast measurement and inspection with the EyeVision software and Sentech GigE camerasSentech cameras

 The image processing software EyeVision now supports the GigE cameras by Sentech. With the new Video Input Channel (VIC) for Sentech cameras, EVT offers now an image processing solution with a combination of EyeVision and Sentech. And this combination delivers fast measurement and inspection for the production plant – a feature which is mostly demanded, when having to detect defects and to reject faulty products in an early stage of the production process The Sentech GigE cameras are therefore ideal industry cameras with their fast frame rate and high resolution.

The powerful team play between  EyeVision software and Sentech  cameras is not only suitable for fast  inspection flows, such as label printing, but also for solutions for a huge number of image processing applications. The application areas are in medical engineering, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the automotive branch an in most areas of industrial automation.

And what‘s more, the EyeVision 3 software allows the user, to create inspection programs with only a few mouse clicks, even without programming skills. The graphical user interface can be handled intuitively and easily. The EyeVision 3 offers the convenience, that the user can create their own commands, which can be integrated into the graphical user  interface. And with the GUI-Designer, the creation of an individual user interface is also very easy.  

More information - call 01635 30345 now

All in focus – EyeVision supports The Imaging Source autofocus cameras 

The image processing software EyeVision now also supports the USB 3.0 autofocus and zoom cameras by The Imaging Source (TIS). With the new Video Input Channel (VIC) for TIS cameras, the company EVT offers image processing solution with the combination of EyeVision and The Imaging Source. And this combination delivers a fast and permanent inspection of products during the production process – a feature, wTIS camera supporthich is essential to detect errors early in the production flow and to reject the damaged product.

In some machine vision system scenarios, maintaining exact working distances are virtually impossible.

With the autofocus cameras the working distance can change, and the user does not have to stop the production flow. The focus and parameter of the camera can be controlled with the EyeVision software and the camera produces sharp images despite fluctuations in the working distance.

The TIS autofocus camera has a resolution of up to 10 Megapixel, a frame rate of up to 15 fps and it can be used with Linux and Windows operating system.

The powerful team play between EyeVision software and TIS cameras is not only suitable for fast inspection flows, such as label printing, but also for solutions for a huge number of image processing applications. The application areas are in medical engineering, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the automotive branch an in most areas of industrial automation.

More information - call 01635 30345 now

September 2016

New Sentech fast USB3Vision camera with Pregius sensor.Sentech USB3.0 CAMERAS

Sentech continue introducing new models featuring the new GS-CMOS Pregius family of sensors from Sony.  One of the recent additions is based  on the IMX174 sensor, with 1920x1200 (2.3MP) resolution, and 163fps at  full resolution, thanks to the fast USB3Vision interface.  The camera can  be  operated in a user-defined ROI and can achieve 378fps at 640x480 (VGA) resolution. The global shutter is particularly good at  capturing moving objects.  Multiple trigger options are available.  The high speed capability makes it one of the best performers in its class.  The sensor format is 1/1.2”, which requires 1” format lenses when  operating at full resolution.  The camera comes with user-friendly software and SDK (via download).  Both monochrome and colour versions are available, as STC-MBS241U3V and STC-MCS241U3V respectively.  The cameras are supplied as a very compact 28x28x40mm industrial package fitted with a C-mount.

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August 2016

New Imaging Technologies thanks to its latSWIR CAMERAest log InGaAs technology proposes ideal short gating solution in QVGA and VGA resolution

NIT WiDy SWIR cameras cover the IR band from 900 to 1700nm. They are known for being ideal for continuous level of illumination in active SWIR imaging thanks to their large dynamic range and non saturation capability. Recently, NIT has released a new variant of its WiDy SWIR cameras with USB and Camlink allowing extremely short exposure time (down to 200ns) and low jitter (10ns) with minimum trigger delay of 200ns for pulsed illumination.

These cameras are compact with low power consumption (TECless) and global shutter. These SWIR cameras are ideal for short gated SWIR application. Available in QVGA resolution with 3 in-pixel memories for true CDS or in VGA - current highest resolution on the market - they come with dedicated software, programmable trigger delay with customizable very short steps for trigger in or out synchronization.

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July 2016


Direct high-powered ringlights

The ALB Series are direct ringlights with high-powered LEDs. They are designed with iBlueDrive technology for illuminating from the camera axis the non-reflective objects. These systems provide a greater amount of light than the ALD Series, which makes them suitable for lighting objects from further distances. They highlight textures and contours and are available in several angles of emissions and with various supplementary filters.

More information on DCM lighting products


May 2016

New EyeSens ZQ vision sensor with powerful ZYNQ hardware

 EVT presents the new EyeSens series. The EyeSens ZQ vision sensors are much smaller than the usual EyeSens sensor. But despite the miniature design, they are powerful, due to the ZYNQ hardware inside.EyeSens ZQ vision sensor

Due to the powerful ZYNQ processor with dual Core ARM, the EyeSens ZQ can solve image processing tasks faster than common vision sensors. Suitable applications would be for example:

-        Code reading (DMC, QR, Barcode)

-        OCR/ OCV

-        Color Inspection

-        Measurement Technology

-        Pattern Matching / Contour Matching for Robot Vision

-        Counting Objects

Due to the small size, lightweight and integrated lighting, the EyeSens ZQ is suited for areas where only a small space is available such as on a robot arm.

With the EyeSens ZQ consists of EyeSens software and the complete EyeVision software platform. Additionally the camera offers the option with an integrated FPGA, which is important for the fast preprocessing of image information

The creation of an inspection program is also very easy. With the drag-and-drop graphical user interface, there are no programming skills needed.

Thus the vision sensor platform is applicable for various image processing tasks.

Call 01635 30345 for more information

March 2016

New Kowa 1“ HC-V Anti-Shock and Vibration Lens Series

Kowa has added a new ruggedized 1” lens series to its portfolio. The new HC-V Series 4MP lens series allows measurements without pixel deviation even in high vibration and shock environments and when the lenses are tilted. Thus, it is ideal for applications that require increased durability and high optical performance such as robotics applications and 3D measurements.
This is made possible by the special design of the new Kowa ruggedized lenses. The conventional locking screw system for fixing adjustable iris blades has been replaced with a system that utilizes robust interchangeable iris plates to set the F-Stop. A two way reversible nut is used to lock in the focus position. All internal lens elements of the lens are glued together for maximum stability. In 2015 Kowa already released the ruggedized 2/3” JCM-V Series with the same design.

Kowa also offers on request to glue the internal glass elements of all series from a certain minimum order quantity.

More informatiom on HC-V Series

More information on JCM-V Series


Sentech America are shipping new USB3.0 VISION camerasSentech USB3.0 camera

Sentech have launched and now shipping new high resolution cameras using the latest SONY IMX250 and IMX252 Pregius sensors. The cameras feature 3.2 and 5.1 MegaPixel Global Shutter CMOS sensors in both monochrome and colour. The cameras have multiple ROI capability. Maximum frame rates are 75.7fps for 5.1MP camera and 121fps for 3.2MP camera. 8, 10 or 12 bit output is available via the USB3Vision interface. The compact size of the cameras makes them ideal for a wide range of Machine Vision applications. 

More Information


Dhyana 90 Dhyana 90

TUCSEN announces the release of its flagship of the Dhyana series scientific CMOS (sCMOS) cameras: Dhyana 90, which represents a significant breakthrough in advanced imaging technology. Featuring an all-new back-illuminated CMOS sensor, the Dhyana 90 delivers extraordinarily high quantum efficiency, making it the most sensitive life science sCMOS camera in the world. Dhyana 90 has the advantages of extremely low noise, high dynamic range, high frame rate and so on. It is well suited for ultra-low light detection, high dynamic range and high speed imaging applications, providing solutions for machine vision, life science, astronomy, etc

More information on TUCSEN cameras

New Lighting Products from DCMPRD0500

 PRD0500 Projector – There is a new version of the popular PRD0500 Spot light projector. The new PRD0500B is more compact and lightweight, with aerial cable, more fixing points and IP65 protection which offer a greater versatility




ALB Series of direct ring lights with high-powered LEDs - Designed with iBlueDrive technology for illuminating non-reflective from the camera axis, these systems provide greater amount of light than ALD Series, which also makes them suitable for lighting objects from longer working distances. They highlight textures and contours and are available with a choice of several angles of emission and various supplementary filters allowing much more versatility. A new antiglare filter has recently been introduced to eliminate reflections from shiny surfaces.

For more information on any DCM lighting product call 01635 30345 or email



New range of GigE Machine Vision cameras are available from The Imaging Source

The Imaging Source GigE monochrome industrial cameras are best known for their excellent image quality, high speed and rich set of features. The built-in Gigabit Ethernet interface makes the industrial cameras simple to setup and integrate into existing and new applications, and additionally allows for a cable length of up to 100 m. They ship with highly sensitive, low noise sensors from Sony and Aptina, which output exceptional image quality, even at high frame rates.

·         GigE interface with PoE.GigE camera

·         Auto iris control (optional).

·         Resolution: VGA to 5 MP.

·         Frame rate: Up to 120 fps.

·         Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 57 mm. (ideal for embedded systems).

·         Wide range of monochrome CMOS and CCD sensors.

·         Compatible to C and CS mount lenses. 

 More information


BitFlow Inc launch Axion™-CL Camera Link frame grabbers

Alrad Imaging is pleased to announce a new frame grabber from BitFlow, Inc., a worldwide innovator in machine vision technology.  Bitflow has now commenced shipments of its widely anticipated Axion™-CL Camera Link frame grabbers, the sixth generation of its acclaimed Camera Link frame grabber line.Axion CL

Donal Waide, Director of Sales & Marketing for BitFlow, said: "BitFlow has been on the vanguard of Camera Link technology since the standard was first introduced. The Axion-CL builds on our extensive knowledge and experience; quite simply, it is the most advanced, powerful Camera Link frame grabber available today, engineered to maximize the investment value of any CL vision system by lowering design and component costs, while requiring minimal software development." 

The BitFlow Axion-CL is fully compatible with every high-speed, high-performance Camera Link camera including base, medium, full and 80-bit (10-tap) CL configurations. In fact, it can acquire from up to two 80-bit/85 MHz cameras simultaneously -- with the board appearing to Windows® and application software to be two completely independent frame grabbers -- greatly simplifying multiple camera set-ups. In dual camera mode, the two cameras do not need to be the same resolution, frame rate, trigger mode or tap format to give the operator added versatility in design. 

Like the BitFlow Cyton-CXP CoaXpress frame grabber, the Axion-CL leverages features such as the company's new StreamSync™ system, a highly optimized DMA engine, and expanded I/O capabilities that provide unprecedented flexibility in routing, all giving machine vision integrators an amazing amount of power at their finger tips, ready to accelerate image processing functions and solve real world vision problems. Consisting of an acquisition engine and a buffer manager, the StreamSync system delivers efficient support for variable sized images with faster context switches between frames, along with per frame control of acquisition properties, better hardware control of image sequencing and enhanced debugging capabilities. 

Built on a half-size x8 PCI Express Gen 2.0 board, the Axion-CL will work in any slot that it fits in, not only x16 and x8 slots but also x4 and x1 slots that are becoming increasingly popular with system integrators. The Gen 2.0 PCIe bus doubles the data rate of Gen 1.0 while using the same footprint and connectors, plus is fully backwards compatible with Gen 1.0 motherboards. Also, because it is Gen. 2, the Axion-CL uses an XML base camera configuration file that can be edited in any text editor and that reduces camera set-up time by requiring fewer items while still allowing for highly customized support of the board and the camera. 

Incorporation of the Axion-CL into an application is made even simpler with BitFlow's SDK, which supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Axion-CL software is compatible with current BitFlow frame grabbers, so migrating applications to/from Camera Link, analogue, and CoaXPress is trouble free. 

BitFlow is making available two models of its new Axion: The Axion 1xE is a single camera solution, while the Axion 2xE is a dual camera solution that allows both cameras to be in synchronous mode or to operate independent of each other.

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The new HELIO-STROB UV365 stroboscope for the monitoring of security features HELIO-STROB HELIO-STROB UV365

The latest stroboscope added to the successful HELIO-STROB range by ELMED extends the range of possible applications to the UV-A spectrum by adding the HELIO-STROB UV365.  Thanks to the UV LEDs the stroboscope can make fluorescent security features visible in the ongoing production process.

With the UV stroboscope light source the user can emit extremely short and efficient light pulses with a wave length of 365 nm. The results are high contrast images without any motion blur at up to 400 frames per second. The functional range in LED design covers consistent, continuous brightness in the complete frequency range, slow motion observation or change of the observation point (phase shift). Optionally the HELIO-STROB UV365 can be operated with a high-performance hand lamp (for the visible light spectrum) and thus becomes a true "all-rounder" for the monitoring of printing webs. 

More information


New StingRay Development Kit

The Coherent StingRay Development Kit enables end users, integrators, researchers, and educational labs to evaluate quickly 3D applications in which structured light lasers provide solutions.
Coherent StingRay development kit Because of the Coherent StingRay’s world-class performance, reliability and flexibility, users can quickly configure, set up and obtain data, knowing that, from beginning to end, the Coherent StingRay will perform consistently and dependably for the lifetime of the project.
The Development Kit supports eight (8) different pattern configurations, delivering optical power from 1 mW to 100 mW and patterns from a simple dot to line lengths of 0.5 meters, while maintaining the highest level of performance and reliability.

More information




Easy high-speed image processing with EyeVision on OctoCore ARM platformEyeVision on OctoCore ARM platform

Nowadays monoboard computer are widely-used and have arrived in the environments of industrial machine vision. Those embedded boards, are very easy-to-handle when the application demands a space saving system for machine building and production plants.
EVT offers the EyeVision 3.0 image processing software already for various boards, such as e.g. for Raspberry Pi, Wandboard or Odroid. The latest version is available for the OctoCore ARM of the Odroid XU4.
Therefore the software can execute inspection programs and evaluate their results extremely fast. And what is more the EyeVision 3.0 is easy to handle not only for advanced users but also for beginners. Especially because EVT offers complete systems such as software and hardware. For the user the graphical user interface will stay the same on any platform.
Therefore the user can program with the drag-and-drop function also with the software on the Odroid. For this, no programming skills are required, because all commands are displayed in icons.
Also all command sets of the Basic, Standard and Professional versions of the software are available for the XU4. And of course the special command sets such as commands for code reading (DMC, QR, bar code) as well as OCR/OCV and commands for the ChipControl (quality control of semiconductors) can also be activated.



TroubleBox high speed video recording system for troubleshootingTroubleBox

TroubleBox is a portable, high speed digital video recording system designed to significantly improve the accuracy of diagnostic analysis and maintenance operations in high speed industrial manufacturing applications. Troublebox can be used either as a diagnostic tool, to film and review areas of a high speed process, enabling perfect machine setup and system synchronisation, or alternatively as a 'watchdog' continuously monitoring a process waiting for a predefined image trigger to occur. Through the capturing of high speed events, users are able to closely examine a sequence, either frame-by-frame or using slow motion playback,  in order to fully understand their high speed processes.
This valuable information enables perfect optimization of process settings or synchronisation adjustments to a production line. TroubleBox is self-contained and has been designed with economy and ease of use in mind, and can be quickly and seamlessly deployed into a operating production line. A comprehensive range of cameras and various accessories enable TroubleBox to solve complex problems in a wide field of manufacturing applications. 

For more information on TroubleBox and how it can help you call 01635 30345 or email



AD MF-200HD pic 3 r2 compFull HD 2MP Microscopy Video Camera
C/w integral SD Card Recorder – snap Stills & capture AVIs

  • High Definition 1080P HDMI Output - connect to screen
  • SD Card Recording c/w 8 GB SDHC Card
  • OSD Mouse Menu Control c/w Wireless Mouse
  • up to 8 Horizontal & 8 Vertical Overlay Lines + X-Hair
  • Screw directly on to Microscope C-Mount Port
  • No computer required

Download Data Sheet

Download Manual

For more information call 01635 30345 or email



The NEXGEN laser marking system weighing only 1Kg is extremely small with high resolution and precision. It utilizes a revolutionary single mode fibre laser and scanning technology. It can be used on many different materials including stainless steel, anodised aluminium, ceramics, glass, plastics, wood and many more.

More Information

You Tube video describing the product

Compact USB laser with touch screen

World Star Tech has introduced COMPACT computer controlled laser system with integrated laser head and control electronics in a single compact box. The RS-232/uSB  interface allows the user to set laser power, temperature and variable laser modulation sequence .

Computer control allows laser power to be set at certain temperature and also allows the power and temperature to be scanned to find the lowest noise operation parameter of the laser.
COMPACT is specifically designed for applications in the need of complete control of the laser and temperature and modulation. COMPACT also allows stand alone operation in the same package and demonstrates excellent beam quality, power stability and noise. Please click on the link to see the video of Compact-TS Touch Screen Laser. 
Laser wavelengths from 405nm to 830nm are available and up to 150mw for some laser wavelengths Ideal for many  applications including bio-analytical, imaging, measurement, light scatting and laser excitation.

More information

You Tube video describing the product

JULY 2015

Epix 1megaPixel cameras with Global ShutterEPIX 1C45 and 1M45

The SILICON VIDEO® 1C45 (color) and 1M45 (monochrome) are 1 megapixel progressive scan cameras with a resolution of 1280 horizontal × 960 vertical, 12 bit pixels. The SV1C45 and SV1M45 cameras have windowing, column and row skip modes, snapshot mode, and a global shutter for capture of fast-moving targets.
Additional camera features include low noise digital signaling, small size, several interface cable options, and low cost. XCAP software provides convenient control and configuration of all camera operations out of the box. Software that provides extensive processing, measurement and analysis capabilities is available.

Asynchronous Capture with Strobe Output

The SV1C45 and SV1M45 cameras offer asynchronous capture to acquire an image or image sequence in response to a trigger signal. The cameras have a strobe output signal for synchronizing an LED strobe.

More information

JUNE 2015

Terasense is releasing a new product: HIGH SPEED LINEAR TERAHERTZ CAMERA


The High-Speed Linear THz camera is our revolutionary new product, which features both, unprecedented imagiTerasense line scanng speed at 5 kHz, and ease of integration into many industrial production processes. Our fast linear sensor array is built to satisfy the needs in non-destructive testing (NDT) and quality control for many industrial applications employing high speed conveyors belts. This product fits most of conveyors with a belt moving speeds up to 15 m/s.ast linear THz camera is our revolutionary new product, which features both, unprecedented imaging speed at 5 kHz, and ease of integration into many industrial production processes. Our fast linear sensor array is built to satisfy the needs in NDT and quality control for many industrial applications employing high speed conveyors belts. This product fits most of conveyors with a belt moving speeds up to 15 m/s.

More information on Terasense line scan products

MAY 2015

Sentech STC-MCS241U3VSTC-MCS241U3V


Sentech is releasing a brand new USB 3.0, 2.3MP color USB3 Vision camera. The STC-MCS241U3V features 165 FPS, and a dazzling 2.3MP resolution. Utilizing CMOS Global Shutter, the STC-MCS241U3V is capable of capturing moving objects without any motion blur. By utilizing the user friendly USB 3.0 interface, speed and power have never been easier to use.

This is just one of many USB3 output cameras from SENTECH.

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APRIL 2015

New LightWise Allegro cameras offer an excellent low cost USB3 solution with SONY CMOSIS IMX174 and IMX 249 sensors

The latest addition to the LightWise camera range offer High Frame Rate Video with Global shutters at 2Mp and 4Mp resolutions. Automatic image correction and enhancement, arbitrary image scaling with anti-aliasing, independent configurable gamma correction, selectable output data formats, and lens shading correction are some of the features offered on the camera. Trigger, Strobe and Serial Interfaces are available.
Lightwise Allegro camera The small form factor allows the use of a C-mount. The camera is housed in an industrial enclosure or is available optionally as a board-set.

LightWise Allegro cameras offer unique features to differentiate them from the competition, such as the ISG Image Pipeline in a large on board FPGA and 256MB memory intelligently allocated, and because LightWise OEM cameras are easier to integrate, you will get your OEM vision systems to market faster, with better performance and higher margins.

The cameras offer more intelligence, better performance and better image quality for less money. LightWise customizable smart cameras are the intelligent camera solution for OEMs. 

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MARCH 2015

The latest USB3 Vision camera - mvBlueFOX3-2 with IMX174 Sony CMOS sensor

The mvBlueFOX3-2 is the new USB3 Vision family for the new sensor generations. MATRIX VISION's smallest camera offers higher resolutions and frame rates as well as camera based smart features, which reduce the load of the host system.

Features include:-mvBlueFOX3-2

  • Compact industrial camera with USB3.0
  • High quality1/1.2" CMOS sensors
  • 2.3 Mpixel resolution
  • Global shutter
  • Up to 162 images per second
  • Gray scale and colour versions
  • Hardware pre-processing on- board by way of FPGA
  • Image memory 256 Mbytes
  • Excellent cost v benefit ratio
  • Available as single board version

More details on mvBlueFOX family


WiDy Swir camera

For laser measurements, high temperature thermography, waste sorting, bio medical imaging… 


NIT launches its new WiDy SWIR cameras..

NIT has completely redesigned its WiDy SWIR camera product line to better serve the market.

User can now benefit of both an optimized housing and new software WiDyVision with advanced image processing capabilities.

Available in QVGA and VGA resolution, offering logarithmic response with Wide Dynamic Range (> 140 dB) andTECless operation, WiDy SWIR is now available with global shutter mode sensors.

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New StingRay Laser Enables Machine Vision with Better ContrastStingRay lasers

The newest StingRay structured light generating laser from Coherent, Inc. offers up to 50 mW of output in the blue (450 nm), making it especially advantageous for machine vision applications based on 3D triangulation that involve darker materials.  In particular, blue light offers higher reflectivity and increased contrast for a wide range of materials having a dark surface finish, including metals, carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRPs) and rubber.  When combined with the unmatched line uniformity (±7.5%) and external focusing capability available with all StingRay series products, these advantages translate into increased measurement speed and improved dimensional accuracy in machine vision applications.  

This new StingRay laser has all the other important features found in longer wavelength StingRay predecessors, including “dynamic line balancing,” which enables straightforward correction of intensity variations in the projected line beam when the laser is used at off axis illumination angles.  StingRay lasers also feature an internal “health monitor” that alerts the user to diode end of life, thus allowing for laser replacement to be performed at convenient times, rather than causing unexpected production downtime.   

Machine vision using 3D triangulation is employed for automated, non-contact inspection in a wide range of industries, including automotive production, microelectronics fabrication, food processing, and metal fabricating.  StingRay lasers’ superior output characteristics and extremely low unit-to-unit variability, together with their built-in microprocessor and communications port, enable vision system builders to produce a more consistent product without the need for extensive calibration or adjustment.  This results in reduced design and production costs, as well as faster time to market. 

Download a StringRay data sheet

Unleash the potential of your inspection system with e2v’s new UNiiQA+ CMOS line scan camera series

UNiiQA+ Camera

e2v, the leading imaging solutions provider, announced the introduction of the UNiiQA+ *PoCL camera family, offering affordable, flexible and simple high speed line scan solutions to the automation world.

The UNiiQA+ camera series provides a line scan solution of unmatched simplicity at the best price versus performance ratio. This broad range of cameras also offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution at multiple price points in order to accommodate any performance requirement and budget.

Thanks to e2v’s exclusive CMOS image sensor technology, the UNiiQA+ is available across the full resolution range from 0.5k to 16k pixels and in speeds of up to 100KHz in both colour and monochrome. The 5µm pixel pitch sensor enables the UNiiQA+ to stand as the most compact line scan camera on the market today and to be C-mount compatible at any resolution up to 4k pixels.

The UNiiQA+ also challenges existing line scan camera standards by bringing versatile multi resolution models to machine vision OEMs. This simplifies their supply chain and improves the modularity of their equipment, enabling a faster time-to-market for new products, with little additional investment.

Francois Thouret, President of Professional Imaging at e2v commented, “Launched as a complementary offer to our high-end ELiiXA+ line scan camera series, the UNiiQA+ range now offers more camera choice to support applications that require both entry-level performance and high speed. We expect that the UNiiQA+ will bring a long term competitive advantage to our customers in their markets and also broaden line scan imaging to new applications.”

Typical applications for the camera include: on-line quality control and inspection of plastics, films, glass, paper, non-woven materials and wood. Other applications include: food sorting, barcode reading and microscopy.

We will be exhibiting our new UNiiQA+ cameras at Vision, Stuttgart, from 4 – 6 November 2014. Come and see us in Hall 1 on stand E22 or to book a meeting with the team contact press

Further UNiiQA+ models (including a USB3Vision version) are planned for release throughout 2015.

Download the UNiiQA+ brochure

 BitFlow to Unveil New Axion-CL CameraLink Frame Grabber

BitFlow is continuing to widen its technology dominance in the CameraLink frame grabber (CL) category with the scheduled unveiling of its new Axion-CL, the company's sixth generation CL frame grabber, at VISION, the world's leading machine vision trade fair. VISION will be held in Stuttgart, Germany,November 4-6, 2014 with BitFlow exhibiting in booth #1A05.

"VISION gives BitFlow the industry's full attention for the Axion-CL introduction, along with presenting an important forum to meet with current and potential customers from around the world to show them how to capitalize on the rapidly growing machine vision market," said Donal Waide, Director of Sales, BitFlow. "We'll also be staging booth demos of our Cyton CXP CoaXPress frame grabber that highlights its ground breaking capabilities."

 According to Waide, the Cyton CXP CoaXPress demonstrations will use a combination of area scan and line scan cameras to illustrate how simple it is to switch cameras on-the-fly, and how multiple cameras can be tapped into a single board without compromising data rate speed or performance. Another showstopper will be a demosiacing demonstration that convincingly displays how the Cyton, when coupled with an NVIDIA GPU, can construct a high quality full color image in real time, from a grayscale image encoded with Bayer CFA data.. 

"The Cyton demosiacing demonstration, in particular, has encouraged the exchange of application ideas," said Waide. "It shows that today's imaging systems are fully capable and ready to deliver with the CoaXPress interface - simply, inexpensively and reliably." 

 For more information call 01635 30345 or email

ISG Announces New SONY IMX174 Exmor LightWise™ Allegro USB3 Camera

Imaging Solutions Group announces New SONY IMX174 Exmor LightWise™ Allegro USB3 Camera

The new LightWise Allegro USB3 SONY IMX174 based cameras deliver excellent image quality and high speed performance. A variety of applications will be improved using this camera.

The SONY IMX174 Exmor™ CMOS Image Sensor delivers unparalleled image quality with extremely low-noise. It has 1920 x 1200 resolution (2.3Mp) and can run at up to 164 fps in 12-bit mode. These features are implemented in the LightWise™ Allegro USB3 Camera and are available now by calling ISG. Available in color or monochrome.

Unique features differentiate these cameras from the competition, such as the ISG Image Pipeline, large on-board FPGA & 256MB of extra memory.

Since LightWise cameras are easier to integrate, you will get your OEM vision systems to market faster and with better performance.

The cameras support the USB3 Vision™ standard, have triggers & strobes, Digital Gain Control, Auto-Exposure, ROI & binning capabilities and are available with a C-Mount or as a board level solution.

“The SONY IMX174 image sensor in our LightWise™ cameras offer best-in-class image quality in low light conditions, very high frame rates at a very reasonable cost,” according to Kerry Van Iseghem, Co-Founder at Imaging Solutions Group.

The Imaging Solutions Group offers many different custom camera platforms offering a wide variety of interfaces, functions and programmability. This family is designed for low cost machine vision & microscopy applications.

For more information call 01635 30345 or email


New multi camera frame grabber solution for use with CameraLink output cameras.

The EPIX PIXCI® E4G2 is a four camera frame grabber with a PCI express x4 bus. It can capture from four base CameraLink cameras or two 80-bit cameras. The PIXCI® E4G2 DMA transfers to the motherboard at 20 gigabits per second, from more than 1000 camera models, and has extensive software for OEM imaging applications. The PIXCI® E4G2 ships with EPIX XCAP-Lite imaging software, which can be upgraded to XCAP-Ltd or XCAP-Std.

Telephone (01635 30345) or email for more information


Matrix Vision expand mvBlueCOUGAR-XD camera familymvBlueCOUGAR-XD

Matrix Vision has introduced some new additions to their impressive mvBlueCOUGAR–XD family of cameras with dual GigE Vision output. The new additions use two new sensors, ICX834 and IMX174.  The details of the new additions are as follows:-

MvBlueCOUGAR–XD-1212 uses a 1 inch CCD sensor with pixel size of 3.1x3.1um and a total of 4250x2838 pixels (12MP) and outputs 15 frames per second.

MvBlueCOUGAR–XD–104d uses a 1.5 inch CMOS sensor with a pixel size of 5.86x5.86um and a total of 1936x1214 pixels (2.3MP) and outputs 124 frames per second into memory.

The MvBlueCOUGAR–XD family cameras are the smallest in their class. The large, powerful FPGA allows pre-processing steps inside the camera directly to reduce the CPU load of the host system. For the first time, it is possible to use a high-speed-buffer mode which writes images faster in the camera's memory as they are transferred.

more information

JULY 2014

LightWise™ Allegro USB3 FamilyLightwise Allegro camera

More intelligence. Better performance. Less money. LightWise customizable smart cameras are the intelligent camera solution for OEMs. LightWise cameras feature compact form factors, high resolution and high performance, along with unmatched programmability and flexibility for OEM vision system designers. We put more intelligence in the camera with on-board processors, FPGAs, image buffers and other features to improve performance and simplify integration.

LightWise Allegro cameras are an excellent low-cost USB3 solution. We add a few unique features to differentiate these camera from the competition, such as the ISG Image Pipeline in the on-board FPGA and memory intelligently allocated. And because LightWise OEM cameras are easier to integrate, you will get your OEM vision systems to market faster, with better performance and higher margins.

More information

JUNE 2014

For June 2014 we talk about the Coherent Magnum II Laser and some new lighting products from DCM

Coherent Magnum II Laser for Machine Vision applicationsCoherent Magnum 11 laser

A high power laser designed for the most demanding industrial applications with high intensity and a wide selection of fan angles.

Coherent's Magnum II structured light laser is a high-power line generator developed for the most demanding industrial applications. It is available with a wide selection of output powers and fan angles and generates a uniform intensity distribution using patented line generating optics. In addition, the laser has high beam pointing and focusing stabilities.

The Magnum II has fully protected electronics as well as a bipolar thermoelectric cooler used to keep the laser diode at a constant temperature. The laser beam can be modulated by an external signal and all models can operate in either CW or external modulation mode.

The standard unit provides voltage outputs proportional to the beam power, laser diode current and laser diode temperature, for external monitoring. Optionally, the LCD located on the back panel can monitor these parameters. All units have a built-in time-lapse counter that enables the user to monitor the laser diode lifetime

More information


BKM Customizable backlight

Customizable backlight composed by increments of 50mm in any of its sides. The required dimension for each application is assembled preserving light homogeneity.

More Information


PRC Compact high-powered projectors

High power LEDs projector specially designed to illuminate big areas with small lights, due its angle of emission. This system produces great contrast and emphasizes textures, relieves and fissures that the lighted object could have because any relief, even the smallest one, produces a shadow.

More information


Colour Test LampColour Test Lamp

Multispectral laboratory device that allows you to check which wavelength is the most suitable one for your vision application.


  • 6 High-powered LEDs with different colors.
  • Color of each LED: Red (630nm), green (525nm), blue (470nm), white, infrared (850nm)and ultraviolet (395nm).
  • Battery: Li-ion. One hour ON before recharging.
  • Charger power adapter included.
  • One push button testing for LEDs ON/OFF. Roll over: Red, green, blue, white, IR and UV.
  • Cero power consumption in OFF mode.
  • Auto turn OFF after 5 minutes.
  • Blinking LED indicator in IR mode.
  • Low battery blinking LED indicator.

Order reference:VKA0010A

Includes: Color Test Lamp, battery and battery charger.

More Information

MAY 2014

Imaging Solutions Group LightWise OEM Smart CamerasLightwise Camera

More intelligence. Better performance. Less money. LightWise customizable smart cameras are the intelligent camera solution for OEMs. LightWise cameras feature compact form factors, high resolution and high performance, along with unmatched programmability and flexibility for OEM vision system designers.

Imaging Solutions Group put more intelligence in the camera with on-board processors, FPGAs, image buffers and other features to improve performance and simplify integration.

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APRIL 2014Bach product picture

Custom Precision Optics and Diffraction Gratings

Bach Research Corporation manufactures precision custom optics and diffraction gratings. We work carefully with customers to achieve their unique specifications.
Bach Reseach provide custom manufacturing services for ruled gratings, holographic gratings, replica gratings (both holographic and ruled), diamond-turned surfaces, polished optics, and optical coatings. Bach Research employees draw from a variety of backgrounds and expertise. Collectively Bach Research employees have over 120 years experience in optical fabrication, optical coatings, diffraction gratings, and optical testing.

More information

February 2014

SILICON VIDEO® 15C5 from EPIX offers 15 MegaPixel Colour Camera with continuous image capture using XCAP softwareEPIX 15c5  camera

SILICON VIDEO® SV15C5 camera will capture continuously, at various resolutions and frame rates, as shown in the chart below.

XCAP-Lite will capture for 0.95 seconds at 4608 x 3288 resolution, 8 bits per pixel, 4.4 fps. Images must be saved individually. XCAP-Lite is included with the PIXCI SI series frame grabbers.

The XCAP-Ltd program captures and saves sequences for 2 minutes into 8 GBytes of available memory (computer must have approximately 12 GBytes of installed memory). XCAP-Ltd is $495.

The XCAP-Std imaging program offers video to disk capture, which can allow continuous capture for hours (depending on the capacity of the computer’s storage system). XCAP-Std is $1495.

Select which version of the XCAP program is best for your application by reviewing the description on theXCAP product page.

Video-To-Disk Capture

The optional XCAP-Std imaging program enables video-to-disk capture. Requires a host computer with storage system capable of handling desired image capture rates and duration. EPIX® offers complete imaging systems, designed to your specifications, guaranteed to capture uncompressed video to disk without dropping frames


Feature Product - December 2013

WiDy Swir camera - 10% discount if ordered before Christmas Day
WiDy Swir camera

For laser measurements, high temperature thermography, waste sorting, bio medical imaging… 

Take advantage of this amazing offer. The discount applies for all orders placed by 24th December 2013.

This camera offers:-

  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Low power consumption


For more information

Feature Product - November 2013

Belt –Aligner

 Precise alignment of belt and chain drives

►Reduce the wear of belts, chains, pulleys and
running wheels as well as bearings and seals
► Avoid dangerous vibrations
► Extend the service life of the entire drive system
► Provide for an easy start and a low noise,
smooth operation
► Save energy (energy costs)
► In particular, avoid unplanned and costly downtime
Belt Aligner

More Information

Feature Product - August 2013

WiDy Swir camera
WiDy Swir camera

For laser measurements, high temperature thermography, waste sorting, bio medical imaging… 

NIT introduces the Widy swir camera, integrating an ultra wide dynamic range InGaAs sensor operating from 900nm up to 1700nm.

Widy swir uses a 320x256 pixels InGaAs photodiode array sensor coupled to the NIT NSC0803 wide dynamic range read out circuit from NIT.

The InGaAs photodiodes provide a high QE signal response from 900nm to 1700nm
When used with the NIT WDR ROIC technologies the InGaAs photodiodes deliver more than 140 dB of dynamic range in a single image without any external control.

More information

Feature Product - July 2013

Apogee logo

Aspen® Series:
High PerformanceAspen camera system
Cooled CCD Camera System

Aspen® is the newest in design innovation from Apogee Imaging Systems. Aspen increases cooling performance in a smaller package, improves stray light baffling, adds a Network interface with a built-in web server, supports dual output CCDs up to 16Mhz and sets a new standard in shutter reliability. All Aspen systems are backed by a 2 year warranty on the camera and lifetime warranty on the CCD chamber integrity.

More information

Feature Product - June 2013

USB3.0 Vision interface offers a low cost but high performance cameras

The Imaging Source is proud to introduce its new family of CMOS and CCD cameras using the new fast USB3 Vision interface.  DFK23UV024 is a colour CMOS camera capable of 100fps video capture at WVGA resolution. Other colour and monochrome models are now available with resolutions up to 5Mpixels, with 10 and 14Mpixel cameras to follow.  These cameras are only marginally more expensive than USB2.0 models but offer significantly higher performance.  They are of course compatible with all standard industry drivers, and come with the control and capture software and SDK included.

Feature Product - April 2013

Alrad are pleased to announce their appointment as the exclusive UK representative of Reynard Corporation, San Clemente, CA, USA

Reynard Corporation manufactures custom optical components & thin film coatings from 0.2um to 50um (UV to far IR) to demanding specifications for military, aerospace, medical and telecommunication applications. In-house services include design support, optical and mechanical fabrication, photolithography, component sub-assembly and MIL-Spec environmental testing.

Reynard’s extensive manufacturing programme includes:-

  • Optical filters (for operation between 400 nm and 9.5 microns)
  • Prisms, mirrors, windows, flats, retardation plates and beamsplitters
  • Custom coatings

Feature Product- February/March 2013

Due to the huge amount of interest the special offer of EyeVision software and The Imaging Source camera has been extended - but hurry this offer must end 31st March 2013 -do not miss out


Special offer

Feature Product - December 2012

BitFlow Cyton-CXP powerful frame grabber for Machine Vision

Cyton- CXP4 frame grabber

The new Cyton-CXP4 is BitFlow’s third frame grabber based on the CXP standard. The board is capable of four links at full CXP speed (6.25 Gb/s). CXP also allows control commands, triggers and power to be sent to and from cameras over the same coaxial cable. Also, the Cyton–CXP4 contains a fifth CXP connector serving as a high speed uplink capable of running the full 6.25 Gb/s from the frame grabber to the camera.  This new grabber is based on BitFlow’s brand new PCIe Gen 2.0 platform.
CoaXPress (CXP) is a simple, yet powerful, interface standard for moving high speed serial data from a camera to a frame grabber. Video is captured at speeds of up to 6.25 Gb/s (Gigabits/second). Simultaneously, control commands and triggers can be sent to the camera at 20 Mb/s (with a trigger accuracy of +/- 2 ns). Up to 13 W of power can also supplied to the camera. All this takes place over a single piece of industry standard 75 Ohm coaxial cable. Multiple CXP links can be aggregated to support higher data rates (e.g. four links provide 25 Gb/s of data). The CXP standard opens the door to applications where cable cost, routing requirements and long distances have prevented the move to high resolution, high speed digital cameras. In many cases, existing coaxial infrastructure can be modified for CXP with very low installation costs.

More information on the Cyton-CXP4 frame grabber

Feature Product - November 2012

ELIIXA+ 8k/4k Pixels Cmos Line Scan Camera offers both speed and high sensitivity

ELiiXA+ camera

e2v’s next generation of line scan cameras are setting new, high standards for line rate and image quality. Thanks to e2v’s
recently developed multi-line CMOS technology, the camera provides an unmatched 100,000 lines/s and combines high
response with an extremely low noise level; this delivers high signal to noise ratio even when short integration times are
required or when illumination is limited.

The 5μm pixel size is arranged in four active lines, ensuring optimal spatial resolution in both scanning and sensor directions with standard F-mount lenses. Vertical and horizontal binning functions allow the camera to be operated in a 8,192 pixels, 5μm x 5μm pixel pitch, 4 active CMOS lines mode or 4,096 pixels, 10μm x 10 μm pixel pitch, 2 active CMOS lines mode depending on the user settings. This versatile feature sets new standard for next generation machine vision systems.

e2v multiline CMOS sensor technology is an inexpensive alternative to TDI CCD line scan cameras.

Applications include:-
• Raw material surface inspection
• General inspection
• Flat panel display inspection
• PCB inspection
• Solar cell inspection
• Parcel and postal sorting
• High resolution document scanning
• Print and paper inspection

Download the flyer on the ELiiXA+ 8K/4K camera

Download the data sheet on the ELiiXA+ 8K/4K camera


Feature Products - October 2012

Introducing CoaXPress

CoaXPress (CXP) is a simple, yet powerful, standard for moving high speed serial data from a camera to a frame grabber. Video is captured at speeds of up to 6 Gigabits/Second (Gb/S). On the same cable, control commands and triggers can be sent back at 20 Megabits /Second (Mb/S). Power is also supplied to the camera. All this happens over a single piece of industry standard 75 Ohm coaxial cable.
Multiple CXP links can be aggregated to support higher data rates (e.g. four links provide 25 Gb/S of data).
The CXP standard opens the door to applications where cable cost, routing requirements and long distances have prevented the move to high resolution, high speed digital cameras. In many cases, existing coaxial infrastructure can be repurposed for CXP with very low installation costs.

The Bitflow Karbon-CXP AdvantagesKarbon-CXP

CoaXPress solves many of the problems of previous machine vision standards. It eliminates the cost and distance restrictions of Camera Link cables. It provides a huge increase in quality, resolution and speed over analogue, while maintaining its simple and flexible cabling. GigE also uses low cost and long distance capable cabling, but introduces trigger latency and determinism issues that CXP does not have. The Bitflow Karbon-CXP gives your application all of these advantages on an industry proven platform.

Feature Products - August 2012

StingRay Structured Light Laser

StringRay series

The Coherent StingRay is a new range of diode-based pattern generators which delivers enhanced flexibility, unique output optimization capabilities, and extended lifetimes.

StingRay lasers feature:-

  • Line Uniformity up to 95% on 100% of the line
  • External non-rotational user focus
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Constant power to 500kHz via external photo feedback
  • Optional RS-232 communication with GUI interface
  • Advanced Service monitor for remote system monitoring
  • Common footprint
  • Dynamic line balancing
  • Wavelengths from 514 to 830 nm
  • Power from 1 to 200 mW

Download the StingRay datasheet

Feature Products - June 2012

mvBlueLYNX-X Intelligent camera stretches your imagination

The mvBlueLYNX-X is the next generation of the successful MATRIX VISION intelligent camera product line. The CPU core is based on the state-of-the-art ARM technology with up to 1 GHz target clock and image processing acceleration by DSP coprocessor for parallel handling of multiple pixels. The system is ideally suited for the classical areas of machine vision, the large processing power and high-end display and graphics capability make it perfect for many other application areas.

There is:-mvBlueLYNX-X

  • no task too complex,
  • no detail too insignificant,
  • no task too fast and,
  • no workspace too small.

At the same time, the camera:-

  • has low cost of ownership (TCO),
  • is modest in power consumption (<5W),  
  • carries out tasks remotely.

More Information on the mvBlueLYNX-X

Feature Products - May 2012


Epix Stereo camera

The EPIX SILICON VIDEO® 2KS stereo camera has two 2048 pixel by 1088 line global shutter, monochrome or colour 5.5 micron pitch sensors on one inch centres. It is available with up to 100 meters of optical cable for high speed, remote imaging.
Global shutter provides triggered exposures from 65 microseconds to over 100 seconds.  Image capture can be performed at 8, 10, or 12 bits per pixel. Dark level and analogue gain adjustments provide flexibility in image exposure adjustment. High dynamic range operation is available for images with a wide range of illumination.

More information on EPIX SILICON VIDEO® 2KS

PRL Compact Linear Projectors

High intensity LED projectors which produce an intense narrow line of light. Specially designed for use with linear cameras. They can also be used with matricial cameras allowing darkfield lighting (highlighting the small reliefs and cracks) in large areas or lengthy oblong objects.

PRL3602A Compact Linear Projectors


  • External dimensions = 395x60x50mm
  • System weight = 1342g
  • Recommended working distance = <150mm

PRL0802A Compact Linear Projectors


  • External dimensions = 95x47x52mm
  • System weight = 270g
  • Recommended working distance = <150mm

More information on PRL series Linear Projectors

BKC Cylindrical Backlights

BKC Baclight

Cylindrical backlights emit homogeneous diffuse lighting in the 360º of their circular surface, allowing their use from several angles at the same time, for complete backlight inspection of hollow objects such as pipes, deposits and boxes or for inspection from different angles in carousels or turntables.



  • External dimensions = Ø60x100mm
  • Active surface = Ø60x80mm
  • System weight = 240g

More information on BKC series Backlights

Feature Product - April 2012

Very High Resolution cameras for Industrial applications from ISVI-CORP 20 Megapixel camera

ALRAD IMAGING is pleased to be able to offer very high resolution cameras from Industrial Sensor Vision International Corp (ISVI-CORP). This dynamic young company have their engineering and development division in Korea and the main camera assembly facility is in the USA. The company specialises in high resolution, high speed camera technology for the automation machine vision industry. ISVI-CORP has developed cutting edge camera technology to meet the needs of many machine vision applications.
Camera resolutions range from 5 Mega Pixels up to 25 Mega Pixels. All cameras have a CameraLink interface.  The cameras are ideal for a range of applications including automated optical inspection, solder paste inspection, package inspection and back light unit inspection. These very high resolution cameras can run at high frame rates (e.g.: 25MP at 27fps, 20MP at 34fps and 15MP at 45fps). All cameras use CMOS sensors with global shutter. For the higher resolution cameras both monochrome or colour cameras can be provided. The 5 and 10MP cameras are only available with colour sensors. The cameras are lightweight typically 520g (without lens) and can withstand high shock and vibration.
ALRAD IMAGING can offer customers a complete camera and frame grabber solution. EPIX Inc has interfaced the ISVI-CORP 25MP camera to their PIXCI E4 or E8 frame grabbers and achieved 23.5fps into a raid system making the combination ideal for image sequence acquisition. They have also developed control drivers for the cameras within the EPIX XCAP software.

More information on ISVI-CORP camera

Feature Product - March 2012


ULTRA FAST video acquisition with the BitFlow New Karbon-CXP Frame Grabbers incorporating CoaXPress
BitFlow have launched its Karbon-CXP line of frame grabbers, one of the world's first to incorporate the CoaXPress (CXP) standard for moving high-speed serial data from a camera to a frame grabber. The result is video acquisition at speeds up to 6 Gigabits per second, as well as the ability to send control commands and triggers at 20 Megabits per second - all over a single piece of 75 Ohm coaxial cable up to 135 meters. Additionally up to 13W of power can be transmitted to camera along the cable.

More Information on KARBON- CXP

Feature Product - January 2012

ALRAD announce two new exciting PIXCI products launched by Epix Inc


EPIX Inc the well established manufacturer of video and imaging products have announced the introduction of the two new top of the range frame grabbers – one for digital and one for analogue video sources. The PIXCI® E8 is a PCI Express x8 Frame Grabber for Camera Link cameras and panels and the PIXCI® A310 is a PCI Express x4 Frame Grabber for High Bandwidth, High Resolution, and High Quality analogue video.

The PIXCI® E8 is a Camera Link frame grabber supporting the highest data rate cameras. The PIXCI® E8 supports more than 900 Extended, Full, Medium, Base, dual Base, and PoCL configuration Camera Link cameras.
The PIXCI® E8 offers:

  • Supports the fastest Camera Link extended, full, medium, base, or dual base cameras.
  • Optional PoCL support to provide camera power over a camera link cable.
  • Camera specific controls - exposure, bit depth, gain, and frame rate, etc.
  • Camera operation in free-run mode for maximum frame rate sequence capture.
  • Camera operation in control (trigger) mode.

More information on PIXCI® E8

The PIXCI® A310 video frame grabber acquires images from monochrome or component RGB colour, interlaced or progressive scan, from cameras or other video sources, with formats that include RS-170, CCIR, RS343, VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, SXGA, SXGA+, WXGA, WSGA+, and UXGA. Many capture resolutions are available including 1920x1080p, 1920x1080i, 1280x720p, 720x480p, and 720x576p using programmable pixel clock frequencies from 12 to 165 MHz.

More information on PIXCI® A310

Feature Product - December 2011

Fast Clamp-On CTs

Pearson Electronics is pleased to introduce two new Wide-Band Hinged Clamp-on Current Monitors with fast rise times.  The models 8585C and 8590C feature a 2.0 and 2.5 nanosecond rise times, a ½ inch and 1 inch aperture, and are hinged for easy operation. The new design incorporates Pearson’s wide band frequency response in a demountable configuration for use on fixed conductors.

Fast Hinged clamp on current monitors
Both models have a 1.0 V/A sensitivity, a 3dB bandwidth from approximately 1.0 KHz to 200 MHz, and a 5 Ampere rms current rating. Accuracy of 1%, or less, is obtainable across the mid-band.  Pulse currents up to 500 Amperes can be viewed. Other new hinged clamp-on designs feature a range of transfer impedance from 0.01 V/A to 1.0 V/A allowing for accurate measurements at lower frequencies.  A typical model has a 3 dB bandwidth of 25Hz to 15 MHz, with some models as low as 5 Hz.  All of the new hinged clamp-ons are featured in our Clamp-on Current Monitor section along with existing custom and stock designs.

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Feature Product - November 2011

Calibration tools for Imaging applications

French company ELDIM is a manufacturer of cooled digital cameras, video photometers, colorimeters, and inspection systems.

Temporal Analyser

These systems are used by flat panel display, communications, and scientific companies worldwide as part of their R&D and manufacturing quality control processes.

Originally founded in 1991 ELDIM is located in Herouville Saint Clair, France, in 2 buildings of 1000 square meter each including a large clean room for optical system assembly.

For internal needs, ELDIM manufactures optics in the visible range in all forms but cylinders and free-forms. For customers, ELDIM’s core business is focused on manufacturing spheres, aspheres and windows up to 150-200mm diameter, in both visible and IR ranges; proprietary processes have led to the development of an impressive capability for processing silicon, germanium or ZNS windows. ELDIM also  manufactures square and spherical lenses up to 800mm.

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Feature Product - October 2011

Extended Dynamic Range CEMs

Extended Dynamic Range CEMs

Channel electron multipliers (CEMs) are detectors, which respond to charged particles, hard and soft X-rays, and ultraviolet radiation. The extended dynamic range of CEMs are available with circular openings from 5mm to 25mm and rectangular openings from 2mm x10mm to 10mm x 10mm.

Gain v Count rate of extended dynamic range CEMs

A CEM has a high surface resistance. When a potential is applied between the input and output end of the CEM, the resistive surface forms a continuous dynode. A dynode has the property of emitting secondary electrons when primary particles impinge upon it (Fig. 2). This process is called secondary electron emission. Through this process, a CEM is capable of detecting a particle or photon that has entered its funnel-shaped input aperture. These primary particles generate secondary electrons that are accelerated down the channel by a positive bias. Upon striking the interior surface of the channel walls, these electrons then generate further secondary electrons. The resulting avalanche process produces an easily detectable output pulse of charge containing up to 10e8 electrons with a duration (FWHM) of about 8 nanoseconds.If the electron cloud is collected with an anode, a single pulse is produced that appears on the oscilloscope as shown in Fig. 3. For an input of one primary particle a CEM thus produces an electron cloud of about 100 million electrons. The output pulses can be detected easily by using a discriminator, a preamplifier and a counter or as an input current in the analog mode.

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Helio Strobe

Image freeze of fast moving objects in industrial applications is possible using the HELIO-STROB compact 75.  

HELIO-STROB compact 75 is a mobile strobing light source for industrial use. Extremely short flash impulses with constant brightness enable the freezing of images as well as a slowed-down observation mode of fast processes, when a precise perception by the human eye is no longer possible. Even the smallest parts are displayed pin sharp, with­out any motion blur. Thanks to the intuitive handling via touch panel and an “intelligent” one-button operation you easily get accurate and reliable results.

The HELIO-STROB compact 75 can be effectively used in the field of quality control, vibration analysis and speed measurement as well as for the setting up of your machines. The requested observation point in the course of a movement can easily be set with one single “twist” (the so-called phase-shift). The flash frequency can either be controlled by the accurate internal trigger or by an external trigger. Proximity switches and optical sensors can be connected directly to the signal input of the stroboscope. Additional devices can be synchronously triggered by the TTL-output.

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Feature Product - September 2011


The ISG LightWise LW-3-S-1394, 3 Megapixel Area Camera provides a High performance 3 MP CMOS Area Imager with high quality video and excellent response characteristics. The low cost and ease of integration into existing systems make it an excellent solution for a wide variety of applications. The interfaces to the Module are industry standard to provide ease of integration into target systems. Currently supported interfaces include IEEE-1394 / Firewire™. Additional interfaces available are USB 2.0 upon request under contract. The camera is customizable for new interfaces, customer specific image processing algorithms, and smart imaging applications.

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Feature Product - August 2011

New High Temperature Detector


Dexter Research Center announces the availability of its new ST60 High Temperature Detector. The silicon-based detector is available in a TO-5 package with an operating range from -50°C to 225°C. The new high performing detector has an active area of 0.61mm x 0.61mm and can withstand operating temperatures of 225°C., a full 40°C more than its nearest competitor.
Dexter IR detectors

The new High Temperature detector offers exciting performance opportunities in non-contact temperature measurement applications such as work piece monitoring in ovens, heat gun target monitoring and fire detection/suppression in extreme environments. A new filter attachment technique provides hermeticity that makes the detector rugged and reliable in hostile environmentsand eliminates the need for shielding and/or cooling in high temperature applications.

A volume manufacturer, as well as the global center of expertise for infrared detectors since 1977, Dexter Research Center, Inc., Dexter, Michigan, offers more than 900 product configurations and continues to lead the industry in the design, development and production of high quality, high output thin film and silicon-based infrared sensing thermopile sensors.


Feature Product -August 2011

The mvBlueFOX-MLC module is a fully featured compact single-board camera perfectly targeted for space and cost sensitive OEM applications. A superior image quality in combination with a very high frame rate make the camera ideally suited for embedded applications. The driver in combination with the FPGA represents a perfect team which reduces the PC load to a minimum.


  • Compact industrial camera series with USB2.0
  • High quality gray scale and color CMOS sensors
  • 8 MB onboard memory
  • Hardware LUT 10 bit t0 8 bit
  • 55dB dynamic range ≤110dB high dynamic range (HDR)


Feature Product - June 2011

New Thin Current Transformers

Pearsons Current monitors

Pearson Electronics has recently designed several new current transformers with a thickness that is about 1/2 of the size of the in stock current transformers designed by Pearson. The thin model 8105-03 is shown below next to our in-stock model 2878. These new ultra thin current transformers allow a more compact installation resulting in lower circuit inductance. Apertures range in size from 0.25 inches to 2.0 inches and the models have the same footprint as our in stock current transformers, except for thickness. Designs include BNC and SMA connectors depending upon the model.

These ultra thin designs incorporate Pearson’s wide-band frequency response and 1% accuracy, or better, across the mid-band. The model 8105-03 has a 0.25 inch aperture, a 0.1 V/A transfer impedance with a 3 dB bandwidth from 50Hz to 40MHz. The maximum rms current rating is 6 Amperes. Peak currents up to 300 Amperes and rise times as short as 5 nanoseconds can be viewed faithfully. Contact us for a complete listing of the ultra thin current transformers.



The mvBlueLYNX-X is the next generation of the successful MATRIX VISION intelligent camera product line. The CPU core is based on the state-of-the-art ARM technology with up to 1 GHz target clock and image processing acceleration by DSP coprocessor for parallel handling of multiple pixel. The system is ideally suited for the classical areas of machine vision, the large processing power and high-end display and graphics capability make it perfect for many other application areas.

Download data sheet on mvBlueLYNX-X

Feature Product - May 2011

Alrad present new camera lens suppliers

We are pleased to announce we can now provide camera lenses from some 15 different manufacturers and suppliers.

Latest additions to our range of products are:-

SPACECOM  a Japanese manufacturer of a wide range of camera lenses including Day&Night , Aspherical , High-Speed aperture F1.0 Zoom , Mega-Pixel , Machine Vision, CCTV Security, VariFocal Lens, IR Lens and Mono-Focal Lens

AZURE Photonics Co., Ltd, established in 2000, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified leading professional designer and manufacturer. With headquarters in Fuzhou, China, they offer machine vision, germanium, CCD mini, motorized zoom and CCTV lenses. The company also produces a range of filters, lasers, discrete lenses, prisms, windows, mirrors, crystals and fibre optics for industrial applications.

LENSATION a German company providing a variety of lenses for industrial applications including S mount, C mount, Telecentric and Macro lenses.

SCHNEIDER OPTICS, a German manufacturer with a very distinguished pedigree, provides a wide range of industrial lenses including C Mount, F mount, Machine Vision, Telecentric, 3 CCD, and Ruggedized lenses. Of special note is their 12K high resolution lens for line scan camera applications.

Also we now have closer ties with FUJINON and buy our lenses directly, therefore enhancing our customer service.

So, with such a wealth of products available make us your first call for all your lens requirements.

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Feature Product - April 2011

Coherent’s Lasiris™ Magnum laserLasiris Magnum 2 laser


  • Uniform, non-Gaussian intensity distribution along the line
  • Very high intensity
  • Wide selection of fan angles
  • Focusable
  • High pointing stability
  • Protected against over-voltage, reverse polarity of power supply, over-heating and ESD
  • Rugged industrial-grade design

Coherent’s Lasiris™ Magnum laser is a high-power (up to 7W) line generator developed for the most demanding industrial applications. It is available with a wide selection of output powers and fan angles and generates a uniform intensity distribution using line generating optics. In addition, the laser has high beam pointing and focusing stabilities.
The Magnum II has fully protected electronics as well as a bipolar thermoelectric cooler used to keep the laser diode at a constant temperature. The laser beam can be adjusted by an external signal and all models can operate in either CW or external modulation mode.
The standard unit provides voltage outputs proportional to the beam power, laser diode current and laser diode temperature, for external monitoring.


  • High-speed road & rail inspection
  • 3D profiling and mapping
  • Web Inspection
  • Hot steel-plate
  • Flow visualization
  • Machine vision
  • Fluorescence-induced inspection

More information on Lasiris lasers.

April 2011

The SATIR thermal camera brings a new dimension to predictive maintenance imaging

SATIR E8-GN camera

Alrad Imaging is pleased to announce it can now provide the range of industrial thermal imaging cameras from Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology Co. LTD (SATIR).
SATIR is one of the world’s leading civilian thermal imaging system manufacturers, focusing on developing, producing, and marketing of infrared cameras. This technology is now playing significant role in a wide range of industrial, commercial and governmental imaging activities, including predictive and preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, non-destructive testing, research and development, temperature measurement and thermal testing.
The SatIR E8-GN is the premium version of the company’s range of entry level thermal imaging cameras for predictive maintenance imaging. It has the most powerful functions, which include 9 spots analysis, 5 areas analysis, line profile analysis, Bluetooth voice annotation, environmental measurement correction and “duo vision” combining the thermal image with a visible (colour) image.  Furthermore, in addition to thermal images, the E8 series can also take thermal video with the USB REAL TIME software. The thermal video can be transferred to the PC in real time for analysis and playback. All images are stored on a removable SD card. 

More information on SATIR cameras

Feature Product - March 2011

Pearson Electronics new Model 7655 Clamp on Current Monitor

Pearsons 7655Pearson Electronics is pleased to introduce a new line of Wide-Band Clamp-on Current Monitors.  The new design features a 4 inch or 6 inch aperture in a demountable configuration for easy use on large conductors.  The Pearson’s wide-band frequency response and 1% accuracy is featured in all of the models. 
The model 7655 has a sensitivity of 0.1 V/A, a 3dB bandwidth from 10 Hz to 4 MHz, and a 175 Ampere rms current rating. Accuracy of 1%, or better, is obtainable across the mid-band.  Pulse currents up to 5,000 Amperes and rise times down to 100 nanoseconds can be viewed faithfully.  Other new large aperture clamp-on models feature a range of transfer impedance from 0.01 V/A to 1.0 V/A.   Electrical specifications range from rise times as short as 25 nanoseconds, or droop as low as 0.001% per microsecond.  All of the new large aperture clamp-ons are featured in our Clamp-on Current Monitor section along with existing custom and stock designs.

More information on Pearsons current monitors


March 2011

The new Sentech GigE Camera series offers you a great of choice of capabilitiesSentech GigE camera

Sentech colour and monochrome digital GigE camera series are available in two designs:
Standard Models and Power Plus Models (with User FPGA). This series features VGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA and QSXGA resolution CCD sensors, with corresponding framerates from 90 to 15 fps.  Communication is via Ethernet connector (vision) and 12-pin Hirose (I/O & power).  All models are GigE Vision and GenICam compliant and come complete with Sentech Software and SDK.

The "Standard" models are aimed at general applications and feature 1 opto-isolated input and 2 LVTTL outputs.

The "Power Plus" models are designed for complex vision tasks and include a user programmable FPGA (Xilinx or Altera), 32MB user memory and 8 Opto-isolated
configurable I/O's.  They are all PoE (Power over Ethernet) enabled.

More Information on Sentech cameras

January 2011

Tobias TBX-MC™ Transmission Densitometer

TBX MC Transmission Densitometer

The new Tobais TBX-MC™ densitometer provides single-step measurement of diffuse transmission densities of metallized films
The Tobias TBX-MC™ densitometer measures the quality of metallized films by measuring the amount of light transmitted through coatedfilms.

The optical system was specially designed to give a high degree of accuracy and precision in measuring metallized films. The TBX-MC measures diffusedoptical density that uses a logarithmic scale that provides an enhanced sensitivity in monitoring small changes of the coating.

More Information on Tobias TBX-MC™ Transmission Densitometer


Kowa machine vision and CCTV lenses now available from Alrad Imaging KOWA 10MP lens

We are pleased to add the KOWA range of Machine Vision and CCTV products to our exstensive range of lenses.

Kowa is well known as a quality manufacturer developing State-of-the-Art Optics for more than 40 years.

Machine Vision lenses
Over the past 4 years, Kowa has gradually expanded its portfolio of Megapixel C-mount lenses, 3CCD lenses, telecentric lenses, and large format lenses. All machine vision lenses are designed and manufactured in Japan.
CCTV lenses
Kowa's product portfolio covers Zoom lenses with up to 1000mm focal length, standard varifocal lenses and Day & Night HD-Multi-Megapixel lenses designed for use with cameras with more than 3 Megapixel resolution.

More information on KOWA lenses