Other Imaging Products

In addition to cameras, frame grabbers, lenses and lighting ALRAD offer specialist products which are associated with Imaging applications.

Industrial Borescope Industrial Borescopes

Borescopes are widely used in the remote visual inspection of aircraft and helicopters engines, industrial gas and steam turbines, automotive and truck engines, for scientific, security, and military purposes.

Our flexible borescopes use a video fiber bundle to transmit an image from the point of view to the inspector’s eye. A second fiber bundle is used for transferring the illumination from the light source to the inspection area. They can flex and most models have ability to articulate the tip of the device. They can be attached to a CCTV (fiber optic cameras) and digital imaging cameras so that movie or still images can be recorded for future reference or used in reporting documentation.

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Vigilant Vision energy efficient, ultra high contrast LED monitors Vigilant LED monitors

Designed for “demanding” CCTV applications, the monitors are available in 17” and 19” versions and deliver full HD picture quality with a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1.

Described as having a 1280 x1024 native resolution, the products have a response rate of less than 5ms for “easy PTZ control in busy control room environments”. They can be wall or desk mounted.

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Questar long range microscopes are capable of sub micron resolution at 10cm working distance.QM100 Microscope

Long Distance Microscopes are designed for use only on targets that are very close to the instrument, but not as close as a traditional microscope would require. The Long Distance Microscope is most often employed for research applications, quality control in manufacturing, and for performing periodic inspections of materials under development including new medical materials immersed in saline baths, molten metals splash patterns, process quality control, and more. These Long Distance Microscopes can be employed for the long distance inspection of fine detail with an eyepiece however, these are most commonly used for imaging with an optional CCD integrating or real time video camera, or with 35mm format film cameras. However, if there are any auto focus functions of a Digital SLR or other camera then note, these functions can not be controlled on the Long Distance Microscope by the camera although we do offer some automated Step Zoom models that automatically adjust brightness and focus as magnifications are changed.

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