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Hitachi are a well known supplier of CCD cameras and Alrad Imaging is able to offer its customers competitive pricing on this very useful product range. 

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Hitachi high resolution compact B&W or Colour Camera series with Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Hitachi KP-FxxxGV camera
The new Hitachi KP-FXXXGV is camera series featuring Monochrome or Colour CCD cameras, with Gigabit Ethernet interface and compact dimensions (44 x 29 x 72 mm).
There are a lot of integrated useful functions, such as electronic shutter (1/100000s to 10s), One Trigger, Fix Trigger, Hard- & Software Trigger, Partial Scan, Binning, and frame raHitachi KP-FxxxGV camerates up to 90/s. They give a choice of 8/10/12 bit output.  The series is fully GigE Vision™ and GENiCAM™ certified and fully compatible with LabView StreamPix software.
These cameras are some of the most keenly priced in their class.

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Progressive Scan CCD cameraHitachi HV-F202 camera

    HV-F202GV: 2MP 3-CCD GigE VISION Camera 
    HV-F202SCL: 2MP 3-CCD CameraLink Camera

Features ......

  • 3 CCD Progressive Scan Color
  • Three 1/1.8” CCD Sensors
  • UXGA Video Output
  • 1600 x 1200 Effective Pixels
  • 4.4 x 4.4 µm square pixels
  • Vision Output
  • 2000 lux @ f5.6
  • Frame-on-Demand Mode
  • Partial Scan Mode
  • 30 Frames per Second
  • Variable Shutter Mode to 1/100,000
  • AES Mode
  • Long Term Integration Mode
  • 12 volts dc at 7.5ma
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3MOS Multi format HDTV camera

1/3-inch type 1.3 Megapixel 3MOS Multi format HDTV camera. Eight output formats for HDTV/SDTV operation. Horizontal image flip and negative video modes. Six vector masking adjustments.


  • New MOS sensors with improved sensitivity rise of 6dB
  • Multi format HDTV SDTV output:
    HV HD33 1080i/59.94fps (16:9)
    1080i/50fps (16:9)
    720p/59.94fps (16:9)
    720p/50fps (16:9)
    480i/59.94fps (16:9)
    576i/50fps (16:9)
    480i/59.94fps (4:3)
    576i/50fps (4:3)
  • 1 Digital serial output HD-SDI/SD-SDI output
  • 6 color independent masking & luminosity independent linear masking
  • Negative positive conversion & right and left reversing
  • Camera control RS-232C/RS-422 remote controller RC-Z3

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Compact HDTV color camera

Compact body & high sensitivity 0.3lx, 1080 interlaced and progressive video outputs, real time trigger
Hitachi hd20a

  • Full HD (HD-SDI) for industrial use: 
    2.1 million pixel RGB Beyer CMOS sensor,
    external event trigger for machine vision use
  • Coaxial cable transmission:
    Easy replacement of conventional analogue (PAL/NTSC), camera with this full HD model, since it can transmit HD-SDI signal with existing coax cables. Approx. 100m transmission is realized by 5C-2V. Coax cable.
  • Small size / light weight / high sensitivity:
    Compact camera body size (44mm width and height) combined with light weight make this a flexible unit for many applications. High sensitivity of minimum photographic subject illumination 0.3lx means this camera can be used in many low light situations.

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DI-SC221Hitachi HD chassis camera module

Full HD Chassis Camera Module

Full HD 1080p video with Hitachi DSP 10 Technology

The DI-SC221's Digital Signal Processor uses high speed computation technologies developed by Hitachi for superb definition. Past performance has been maintained while further increasing visibility in dark and foggy environments. This camera is excellent for monitoring in a wide range of applications, both day and night.

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