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Sentech is based in the USA and they offer an extensive range of
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Latest News

September 2017

Sentech has released a number of new products.

USB3 Vision:
  • STC-MxS891U3V                           IMX255, 8.9MP, 41.9fps
  • STC-MxS123BU3V                        IMX253, 12MP, 30.5fps
GigE Vision:
  • STC-BxE132GE                              e2V, 1.3MP, 61fps, board level and remote head models
  • STC-SxS43POE                               IMX287, 0.4MP, 265fps, 1/2.9”, CCD replacement
  • STC-SxS163POE                             IMX273, 1.6MP, 69fps, 1/2.9”, CCD replacement
  • STC-SxA1002POE                          Aptina, Rolling Shutter, 10MP, 10.4MP
  • Different Line Scan Models

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March 2017

New Sentech CoaXPress cameras

  Sentech CoaXPress Camera

Sentech has introduced a brand new line of CoaXPress cameras that feature 4 or 12 Megapixel cameras running at 142 or 180 FPS. Both of these models feature a global shutter sensor which will capture brilliant high resolution images at high speeds with little to no motion blur. Both of these cameras are available in monochrome or colour models.

CoaXPress (CXP) is an asymmetric high speed serial communication standard over coaxial cable. The most common application is to interface cameras to computers (via frame grabbers) on applications (such as machine vision) which involve automated acquisition and analysis of images.

January 2017

Sentech announce two new GigE Vision cameras with 8.3MP and 12MP Starvis sensors.

Sentech GigE Vision cameras

While getting ready for the launch of their cameras with 8MP and 12MP Sony Pregius sensors, Sentech have brought to the market two very keenly priced cameras using the Sony Starvis CMOS sensors.  STC-SCS853POE features a 1/ 2.5” format sensor with 3840x2160 pixel resolution at 12.7fps, while STC-SCS1242POE features a 1/1.7” format sensor with 4000x3000 resolution at 8.7fps.  These new models deliver high performance at low cost, and with a rolling shutter (global reset) should be seen as competing against cameras using the established Aptina sensors.   Hard/soft trigger facility is standard, as well as a flexible ROI.  Currently only colour models are available.  The cameras come in the familiar robust Sentech industrial housings (see image), and can be powered via external PSU or via PoE.

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November 2016

 What's New at Sentech?  Click on the part number for more information

Type Color Mono Brand Sensor Format Resolution FPS Size
U3 STC-MCS510U3V STC-MBS510U3V Sony 1/1.2" CMOS 5.1 MP 2048 x 2048 75.7 28 x 28 x 40 mm
U3 STC-MCS322U3V STC-MBS322U3V Sony 1/1.8" CMOS 3.2 MP 2048 x 1536 121 28 x 28 x 40 mm
GE STC-SCS500POE STC-SBS500POE Sony 1/1.8" CMOS 3.2 MP 2048 x 1536 21 35 x 35 x 53.4 mm
GE STC-SCS312POE STC-SBS312POE Sony 1/1.8" CMOS 3.2 MP 2048 x 1536 33.3 35 x 35 x 53.5 mm
GE STC-SCS241POE STC-SBS241POE Sony 1/1.2" CMOS 2.35 MP 1920 x 1200 45 35 x 35 x 53.5 mm
GE STC-SCS231POE STC-SBS231POE Sony 1/1.2" CMOS 2.3 MP 1920 x 1200 41.6 35 x 35 x 53.5 mm
CL STC-CMC401PCL STC-CMB401PCL CMOSIS 1" CMOS 4 MP 2048 x 2048 180.3 40 x 40 x 40.5 mm
CL STC-CMC200PCL STC-CMB200PCL CMOSIS 2/3" CMOS 2 MP 2048 x 1088 180 40 x 40 x 40.5 mm
CL STC-CMC33PCL STC-CMB33PCL CMOSIS 1/3" CMOS 0.3 MP 642 x 484 480 40 x 40 x 38 mm
AN STC-MB42E STC-MB42C Sony 1/2" EIA/CCIR 570 TVL 756 x 484 59.94 28 x 28 x 40 mm

September 2016

New Sentech fast USB3Vision camera with Pregius sensor.

Sentech continue introducing new models featuring the new GS-CMOS Pregius family of sensors from Sony.  One of the recent additions is based  on the IMX174 sensor, with 1920x1200 (2.3MP) resolution, and 163fps at  full resolution, thanks to the fast USB3Vision interface.  The camera can  be  operated in a user-defined ROI and can achieve 378fps at 640x480 (VGA) resolution. The global shutter is particularly good at  capturing moving objects.  Multiple trigger options are available.  The high speed capability makes it one of the best performers in its class.  The sensor format is 1/1.2”, which requires 1” format lenses when  operating at full resolution.  The camera comes with user-friendly software and SDK (via download).  Both monochrome and colour versions are available, as STC-MBS241U3V and STC-MCS241U3V respectively.  The cameras are supplied as a very compact 28x28x40mm industrial package fitted with a C-mount.

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June 2016

Sentech exciting new high resolution cameras using the latest SONY IMX250 and IMX252 Pregius sensors are available for your industrial vision applications

The cameras feature 3.2 and 5.1 MegaPixel Global Shutter CMOS sensors in both monochrome and colour. The cameras have multiple ROI capability. Maximum frame rates are 75.7fps for 5.1MP camera and 121fps for 3.2MP camera. 8, 10 or 12 bit output is available via the USB3Vision interface. The compact size of the cameras makes them ideal for a wide range of Machine Vision applications.

More information call 01635 30345 now

Sentech announce an exciting new range of CoaXPress cameras.  

 The STC-CMB401ACXP is a 4 MegaPixel camera featuring:-

·         CMOS Sensor (Global Shutter)

·         CoaXPress (CXP) Interface

·         Maximum 142.5 fps on 4 MegaPixels (8bit) 

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The STC-CMC120ACXP (12MegaPixel Colour) and STC-MB120ACXP (12MegaPixel Monochrome) cameras feature:-

·         CMOS Sensor (Global Shutter)

·         CoaXPress (CXP) Interface

·         Maximum 180 fps on 12 MegaPixels (8bit)

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Two new High Speed CameraLink cameras from Sentech for Machine Vision applications


The STC-POCLC232A is a full featured, cost effective, UXGA (1600 x 1200 pixels), progressive scan, digital Power Over Camera Link ® cube camera.  It incorporates a Sony ICX274 1/1.8" colour CCD with RGB Primary Colour Filter. This camera features a full frame, 30fps, UXGA output, partial scanning, triggering, and reset capabilities. 

More information from or telephone 01635 30345




The STC-CMC200PCL  simultaneously achieves high resolution and high frame rates through a high-performance CMOS colour sensor with 2000 x 1000 pixels. This is a 2/3”  format camera incorporating a 330fps global shutter that allows moving objects to be captured without blurring. This is a compact camera and offers low power consumption and low cost.

More information from or telephone 01635 30345

 ALRAD also offers a wide choice of compatible CameraLink frame grabbers from BitFlow, EPIX and Matrix Vision.



Sentech CMOS HD-SDI output camera offers a compact solution for direct connection to a monitor

In some vision inspection applications images do not need to be Sentech HD series

captured by a frame grabber and images stored on a computer. Sometimes operators need to only view images on a monitor. The Sentech STC-HD203SDI offers a compact and easy to use system for direct monitor connection.  The STC-HD203SDI is the first Sentech CMOS HD Digital output cased camera, ideal for applications requiring direct-connect monitor viewing with High Definition resolution. This CMOS based camera outputs a true HD 1080p, 16x9 image at 60fps. It also features the capability to program 28 individual DSP profiles and has a programmable on-camera push-button for manual control. The STC-HD203SDI also boasts an ultra-compact size of 40 (W) x 40 (H) x 51.1 (D) mm.

DVI output version also available

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Mini CL series

Sentech's High Speed Camera Link CMOSIS series includes 2, 4 and 12 MP resolution cameras. With 340, 180, or 60 FPS, these cameras are some of the fastest, most cost effective CMOSIS cameras on the market today. All the cameras features Global Shutter, Full Trigger Functionality, and a user programmable AOI.

  •   High Speed CMOSIS Sensors

  •   Global Shutter

  •   2, 4, or 12 MP Resolutions

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Fast Camera Link camera from Sentech
Sentech USB2 cables
The new SenTech STC-CMC200PCL camera brings you the latest design using CMOSIS sensors and CameraLink output. It is a 3rd generation design: small, fast (333fps at 2MPix), and with reduced fixed pattern noise of the CMOSIS sensor. STC-CMC200PCL

 CMOS Sensor (Global Shutter)
 CameraLink Configuration (Full, Medium, Base)
 10, 8, 4, 2 Tap
 2 x 2, 4 x 4, 8 x 8 Binning and 2 x 2, 4 x 4, 8 x 8 Subsampling
 PoCL (Power over CameraLink)
 Near IR Sensor Available

This 2MPix camera uses the 2/3" format CMOSIS CMV2000 sensor with 2048x1088 resolution, global shutter and 333fps in 8bit 10 tap mode.
The 4Mpix camera will use the 1" format CMOSIS CMV4000 sensor with 2048x2048 resolution, global shutter and 179fps in 8bit 10 tap mode.

More information - telephone 01635 30345 or email

New HD Output Series - STC-HD93DV / STC-HD93SD / SDI. Ultra-Compact, Versatile OEM Solution from SentechSTC HD133DV

These new HD Digital Output cased and board-level cameras are ideal for applications requiring direct-connect monitor viewing with High Definition resolution. This CCD based camera outputs a true HD 720p, 16x9 image at 60fps.
It also features the capability to program 28 individual DSP profiles and has a programmable on-camera push-button for manual control.

It is a direct replacement for the STC-HD133 model and features a new sensor and higher specification – but at the same keen price.

Look no further for a GigE Vision camera at a very competitive price

New GigE Vision® PoE and PoEHS Series from SentechSTC GigE Vision Camera

Reliable, Compact and Machine Vision Ready

The Sentech GigE Vision family of cameras has grown to include new PoE (Power over Ethernet) and PoEHS (HighSpeed) models alongside the Standard and PowerPlus (with Xilinx based user FPGA) models. Featuring colour and monochrome CCD sensors in resolutions fromVGA to UXGA (2MP), they can perform at speeds from 20 of up to 122fps.  8- 10- or 12-bit output is available, while the 6-pinHirose connector handles Trigger and I/O signals.

New USB3.0 camera series from Sentech

Alrad is proud to present the Sentech STC-MBA5MUSB3, a member of the brand new USB 3.0 camera series. The monochrome CMOS USB 3.0 camera is available in a 1/2.5" CMOS sensor with a 5MP to VGA scalable resolution and 14 to 123 FPS. This low cost, high performance camera is compatible with all standard industry drivers, and comes with the Sentech Viewing Software and SDK.

  • 5 Megapixel to VGA Scalable Resolution
  • 1/2.5 CMOS sensor
  • Low Cost
  • Compact Size

USB2.0 output cameras

A Summaryof the USB2.0 camera options is available by clicking here.

Sentech STC-GE_GEC

New compact Digital GigE camera series with an extensive range of features

The new Sentech STC-GE/GEC camera series includes both colour and monochrome cameras. These cameras are digital GigE cameras and offered in two configurations: “Standard” and “Power Plus” – the latter incorporating Xilinx or Altera based User FPGA.
This series features VGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA and QSXGA progressive scan sensors, thus offering resolutions from 648 x 494 to 2448 x 2050 and scan rates between 15 and 90fps depending on the resolution.
Other features include full, 1/2 Partial, 1/4 Partial, Variable Partial Scanning and Binning,  Internal / External sync system,  8/10/12bit Raw Data,  GeniCam and GigE Vision protocol compatibility, Pulse Width Trigger / Edge Preset Trigger and communications over a 12 pin Hirose or Ethernet connector.
The compact size and flexibility of these cameras make them suitable for a wide range of machine vision and industrial applications uses, with the Power Plus family particularly aimed at OEM applications.



Sentech Machine Vision digital cube cameras.

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For more information on the STC- C202USB 2 Megapixel camera click here

USB2.0 board camera

Alrad Imaging is Sentech exclusive distributor in the UK, so they are  only available from us. Many Sentech cameras are fully compatible with Pulnix, JAI and Sony camera products so if you
use a camera from these suppliers then we may be able to offer you a much more costeffective solution. To check telephone +44(0) 1635 30345 now. 


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