Toshiba 3CCD Colour cameras for industrial applications

IK-TF9C cameraThe Toshiba range of 3CCD colour cameras offer designers of industrial vision systems the highest quality colour images.
Where colour inspection is of paramount importance the Toshiba IK-TF range of cameras are ideal.
The cameras incorporate 3 progressive scan CCD sensors therefore providing high quality jitter free images.  
The new IK-TF9C three chip colour CCD camera is designed for easy integration into any machine vision system that requires high resolution and precision colour definition. This new 3-chip, colour CCD camera is one of the smallest and lightest 3CCD colour cameras available making it a perfect solution for inspecting larger surfaces with more precision and high colour fidelity that only 3CCD technology can achieve. The camera has 2048 x 1536 pixels and has a frame rate of 20 frames per second on full resolution and an option to partial scan at 30 or 40 frames per second. The camera has a Camera Link video output making it compatible with many commercially available frame grabbers. A trigger input means it can be synchronised with any external event.

Datasheet for IK-TF9C

Toshiba 3 chip colour cameras
Other cameras in the same series are the IK-TF7C which has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and has a frame rate capability in partial scan mode of up to 90 frames per second.
The IK-TF5C has 659 x 494 pixels and a frame rate capability up to 180 frames per sec in partial scan mode.

Datasheet for IK-TF7C

Datasheet for IK-TF5C



3 CCD camera with remote head

All three cameras are available in a remote head construction which is particularly useful if space is limited for the camera head. Also a variant of the cameras can be supplied with standard RGB output if desired.
Due to their compact design the cameras can be considered for use in a wide range of applications including automation, quality and process control as well as for scientific research and development.




Meet the worlds smallest 3CCD camera head

Toshiba IK-HDIH
The new Toshiba IK-HD1H High Definition camera is suitable for broadcasting, diagnostics or industrial video inspection. Toshiba's HD 3CCD Colour Camera System gives you the sharpest, clearest, true colour imagery available, all packaged in the most compact HD camera on the market! Toshiba’s unique prism block technology delivers impeccably sharp detail from a 1.6" camera head. Let Toshiba bring your project to HD life. The IK-HD1H is the world’s smallest 3CCD HD camera, with dimensions of only 32.6 mm (W) x 38.6 mm (H) x 41 mm (D) and weighing only 65 grams (2.3oz).This ultra compact HD camera, is sure to meet your high definition needs.

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