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The SILICON VIDEO® monochrome 643M and color 643C cameras provide 640 by 480 resolution at 211 frames per second (fps). Reducing the number of lines to 2 allows frame rates up to 26,636 fps. Fast frame rates, global shutter, asynchronous reset, and shutter speeds as short as 10 microseconds (1/100,000th of a second) provide sharp images of high-speed motion. Example applications include high-speed inspection, particle tracking, kinematics, collision studies, sports analysis, ballistics, and plant or animal motion analysis. Images can be captured at fast frame rates and can then be played-back at slow display rates to reveal previously undetected details. Individual frames can be extracted from a sequence for further analysis or measurement.

The rugged aluminum camera case is 48.5mm high by 38.4mm wide by 20.8mm deep. Each side of the case has two M3-0.50 tapped holes for attaching the ¼-20 tripod adapter or for mounting. The flexible, category 5e, shielded RJ-45 interface cable provides image data transfer, camera control, and camera power while allowing camera positioning in tight spaces. Multiple cabling options are available, see the SILICON® VIDEO Cable page for more details.

This progressive scan camera connects to the PCI Express bus thru the PIXCI® SI1 (one camera),PIXCI® SI2 (two camera), or PIXCI® SI4 (four camera) imaging board. In addition to providing power, camera control, and data transfer, the PIXCI® SI boards have a trigger input and a strobe output to synchronize external equipment.

Also available is the SV643 camera with an EPIX® imaging computer system that can be configured to capture for a specified frame rate and time period.

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LightWise™ Allegro USB3 Family

More intelligence. Better performance. Less money. LightWise customizable smart cameras are the intelligent camera solution for OEMs. LightWise cameras feature compact form factors, high resolution and high performance, along with unmatched programmability and flexibility for OEM vision system designers. We put more intelligence in the camera with on-board processors, FPGAs, image buffers and other features to improve performance and simplify integration.

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Matrix Vision BlueCOUGAR-XD-104D

MATRIX VISION introduces the new Dual Gigabit Ethernet camera family mvBlueCOUGAR-XD - the smallest in its class. The large, powerful FPGA allows preprocessing steps inside the camera directly to reduce the CPU load of the host system. For the first time, it is possible to use a high-speed-buffer mode which writes images faster in the camera's memory as they are transferred. The mvBleCOUGAR-XD-1040D has frame rates up to 600fps (@VGA) and IMX 174 Sensor with 73dB Dynamic Range.

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TroubleBox is a portable, high speed digital video recording system designed to significantly improve the accuracy of diagnostic analysis and maintenance operations in high speed industrial manufacturingapplications.Troublebox can be used either as a diagnostic tool, to film and review areas of a high speed process, enabling perfect machine setup and system synchronisation, or alternatively as a 'watchdog' continuously monitoring a process waiting for a predefined image trigger to occur. Through the capturing of high speed events, users are able to closely examine a sequence, either frame by frame or using slow motion playback in order to fully understand their high speed processes.

More information on Troublebox can be obtained by calling our sales desk on 01635 30345 or email

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High Speed Digital –H1200CGE Colour CMOS camera 1280 x 1024 pixels
with GigE digital output with 1280MB of internal memory capable of storing up to 4096 images.

Model Number Frame rate Frame rate options
H1200CGE 483 fps @ 1280 x 1024 pixels 1280 x 512 pixels, 961 fps
1280 x 256 pixels, 1893 fps

High Speed Digital –HCC1000 series CMOS camera 1024 x 1024 pixels
(Pixel size 10 x 10 micron) with digital output with up to 1024MB of internal memory

Model Number Frame rate Frame rate options
HCC-1000BGE 462 fps @ 1024 x 1024 pixels 1024 x 512 pixels, 923 fps
1024 x 256 pixels, 1825 fps
HCC-1000FBGE 1820 fps @ 256 x 256 pixels 256 x 128 pixels, 3570 fps
256 x 64 pixels, 6832 fps

High Speed Digital –CMC1300 series CMOS camera 1280 x 1024pixels
(Pixel size 14 x 14 micron) with digital output with on board FPGA
and Camera Link interface

Model Number Frame rate Frame rate options
CMC1300 485 fps @ 1280 x 1024 pixels Window of interest allows
higher frame rates

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