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    August 2017 ALRAD reach an agreement to distribute the LINX PRINTING TECHNOLOGIES 10 CONTINUOUS INK JET PRINTER.

    The Linx 10 is a compact, continuous ink jet (CIJ) printer designed for printing best before dates and batch codes on slow to medium speed production lines.  It prints 2 lines of text, symbols and numbers with a print quality superior to other entry-level coders.

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January 2017

ALRAD is proud to announce a distribution agreement with the Nathaniel Group.

Nathaniel Lighting

Their fiber optic illuminators deliver unmatched performance. The variety of wavelengths spans Ultra Violet (UV) to Infrared (IR) and includes white in addition to multiple visible wavelengths. They currently offer 18 different light sources and are continually developing additional models. Their light sources illuminate fibers from microns to millimeters in diameter and provide very high useable power output. Their Hyperion technology empowers video endoscopes as small as 1.8 millimeter diameter as accessories for our light sources. They offer OEM private label relationships and customization requests for all of our light sources and video processors.

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  • New website for New Imaging Technologies 

    New Imaging Technologies, leader in Wide Dynamic range visible, SWIR and I-CMOS solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new web site.
    The new web site should allow visitors to quickly find information they need  about the company, applications, products we offer and local partners. They invite you to browse to see it by yourself.

    July 2016 - German machine vision camera manufacturer Matrix Vision will be sharing a stand with Alrad Instruments Ltd., their UK distributor.


Matrix Vision joins Alrad at PPMA 2016 show Vision will be showing several machine vision innovations including their new smart camera, the latest 12 megapixel USB3 Vision camera based on the Sony Pregius CMOS sensor family and a selection of their board level cameras for OEM amvBlueGEMINIpplications. 

From its initial conception the mvBlueGEMINI smart camera has had the close integration of powerful hardware with user-friendly software at its heart. With an image sensor offering 4 times as many pixels as the most common smart cameras on the market and a modular approach to lens selection and lighting the mvBlueGEMINI can be successfully matched to huge variety of machine vision applications. The included wizard based mvIMPACT-CS software package allows simple tasks like part inspection, code reading and OCR to be implemented quickly even by those with little experience of machine vision. More experienced vision integrators can delve more deeply to access the full flexibility of the HALCON based vision tools. 

The mvBlueFOX3-2 series incorporates Sony’s range of high speed, low noise camera sensors into a fully featured design assembled into a distinctive and robust new housing. This family works with the USB3 Vision interface offering much greater bandwidth than either USB2.0 or GigE Vision. This means that the greatly increased frame rates and larger image resolutions available from the sensors, including the brand new 12MP variant, can be transmitted without the bus becoming a bottleneck. 

OEMs who want to incorporate digital cameras into their products and equipment do not want the cost, bulk and weight of metal housings. So Matrix Vision will be showing a range of board level cameras for both USB2.0 and USB3 Vision networks. These are cost optimised, low weight and very low power consumption devices with flexible interface options to suit a broad range of OEM designs. 

Matrix Vision personnel will be on hand throughout the event to answer any questions you might have. 

In addition ALRAD will be exhibiting a wide range of machine vision products including:-

·         Coherent structured laser light Generators (StingRay)

·         NexGen Laser marker from World Star Technologies

·         Advision offline measurement and analysis station. The system comprises of a HDMI camera on a stand with zoom lens and lighting, which can use a range of cameras including a microscopic camera and incorporates  the software for basic measurements

·         e2v UNiiQA+ and colour line scan cameras

·         New Imaging Technologies wide dynamic range SWIR cameras

·         A wide range lenses

·         Machine Vision Led lighting products

·         A wide range of cameras from board cameras for OEMs to integrate into their products through to 25 Megapixel and other specialist cameras.

More information on these products will follow in our special PPMA newsletter later in the year. 

June 2016 -It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the death of Douglas Alderton the founder of Alrad Instruments.

He died from a heart attack on 20th May at the age of 82 whilst enjoying his holiday in Spain. His funeral will be held on the 7th June and the office will be closed at 13.00 on that day and reopen the following morning.
Douglas Alderton worked for the company from 1970 and became the owner renaming it Alrad in 1976 and he ran it with his wife Doreen on the financial side before passing the running of the company to his sons Ian and Graham on his retirement, he kept up an interest in what was happening and  even visited the office on Monday  of his last week before flying out to Spain.
The funeral  is 14:15 at West Berkshire Crematorium on 7th June, family flowers only, Donations  via AB Walker funeral Directors. R.I.P. Douglas Alan Alderton you will be missed.


January 2016- We are pleased to announce we can now provide TUCSEN scientific cameras. One of their most popular cameras is theDhyana 90 Dhyana 400A which is designed to meet the challenges of ultra-low light detection, high dynamic range and high speed imaging applications. The CMOS_(sCMOS) camera: Dhyana 400A represents the most advanced imaging technology in the world. Compared to the traditional cooled CCDs, The Dhyana 400A has advantages of lower noise, higher sensitivity, wider dynamic range, faster read speed . The Dhyana 400A is ideally suited for life science, physics, astronomy, etc, where ultra high performance is required. The Dhyana 400A brings a new breakthrough in the field of digital imaging.

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November 2015 - News from TeraSense the Terahertz imaging company

Terahertz (THz) imaging evidently 'fills the bill' nowadays gaining increasingly more adepts from various fields in science and industry.TeraSense Group Inc. (http://www.terasense.com) is a leading manufacturer of innovative portable terahertz imaging systems that has attracted many clients into the Terahertz realm. TeraSense products balance at the cutting edge of technological breakthroughs and have a number of competitive advantages. The most salient among their strong points are:

  • Extremely high image acquisition rate up to 5kHz (5000 fps)
  • High sensitivity
  • Absence of ionizing radiation
  • Ease of integration into industrial process
  • Plug-and-play design
  • Custom-tailored solutions

    TeraSense is a research-focused manufacturer committed to the concept of continuous improvement. Since its foundation in 2008 they have successfully put in gear their original patent-protected technology for making new type of THz semiconductor detectors and sensor arrays. Terasense solutions are unique in the market offering a wide range of opportunities in a number of applications, such as concealed objects identification in security screening, hidden defects detection in non-destructive testing, quality control, process control, machine vision and many other spheres.

The soft and mighty touch of terahertz waves is becoming increasingly popular with many industries. The list of industrial clients 'mesmerized' by Terahertz imaging is getting longer each day and now includes various applications in such fields as:

  • Petrochemical industry and Oil & Gas sector
  • Agronomy, Agriculture and Livestock Farming
  • Food industry
  • Forestry, Lumbering Wood Processing Industry
  • Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics
  • FMCG Packaging
  • Construction Materials & Building Trades
  • Automotive Industry
  • Security Screening & Letter Scanning
  • Countless research projects conducted by universities and research labs

Concentrating their energy on a broad product lineup TeraSense effectively cover all key aspects of THz imaging: THz cameras, THz sources, single-pixel detectors. Their status of a vertically integrated company gives them great leverage in both wholesale and retailing.

The company is rapidly evolving and has recently expanded their product portfolio by adding a High speed linear camera. This flagship camera was designed specifically to serve conveyor-based industrial applications. Being the most enhanced THz imaging system by TeraSense, this high speed line scanner, just like other cameras, is also scalable in size.

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October 2015 - The Matrix Vision CameraLink PCI Express x4 frame grabber mvHYPERION-CLf Rev3 has reached its end of life (EOL). 

We will continue to take orders as normal until a last order date of January 31st 2016. Orders in our system will be shipped up to December 15th 2016. After this date, this frame grabber will no longer be produced.

We trust this information will enable you to plan appropriate action. If you have any queries about this, or any other matter, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Discontinuation of Sony CCD sensors put back until 2025!

According to information currently available, the CCD sensors which are integrated in MATRIX VISION cameras will be available until 2025.

Sony has announced the following sequence:

·         Initial forecast to MATRIX VISION by the end of August 2015

·         Detailed, non-binding forecast by the end of March 2016

·         Wafer production will cease at the end of March 2017

·         Last binding order by the end of March 2025

·         Last delivery of the total volume ordered by the end of March 2026


We are now pleased to offer EMC Products from Langer EMV-Technik GmbH which is an electro-technical company active in the field of electromagnetic compatibility-related to

  • research
  • development
  • production.

Their pre-compliance measurement equipment and IC Test System, which help developers to achieve new product qualities, are very popular throughout the world. 

Furthermore, they offer development support advisory assistance in solving EMC tasks in module development. 

Thanks to their strategies and measuring methods they are able to solve EMC problems right on the module efficiently, quickly and at low cost.They pass on the knowledge that they acquire through their work in practical experimental EMC seminars (in-house seminars for their customers or public seminars). 

The company's headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Bannewitz near Dresden.

Ian Alderton appointed chairman of UKIVAIan Alderton

It is with great pleasure to announce that our Sales Director has been appointed chairman of the UKIVA (United Kingdom Industrial Vision Association). ALRAD has been a member of this prestigious organization for some 20 years and it’s the second time a member of the company has been appointed chairman. UKIVA has over 30 members dedicated to improving industrial vision in the UK. More details of UKIVA can be found at   http://www.ukiva.org/


Alrad are a PPMA logoFinalist for PPMA award

Alrad once again exhibited at the PPMA show in September and hosted a stand this year in collaboration with Dimaco. We are proud to announce we were a Finalist at the PPMA Group Industry Awards in the category of:Partnership of the Year Award.




Alrad are pleased to announce they have signed a distribution agreement to sell the TeraSense sub THz cameras and components in the British Isles.

Sub-THz imaging camerasTerasense Sub-THz cameras

  • New physical principle employed
  • ​Operates at frequencies (0.05 — 0.7 THz), where most common materials are transparent
  • Different models are available: 256 pixels; 1024 pixels; 4096 pixels — to accomodate any budget
  • ​USB communication and programming
  • ​​Low-cost
  • ​1-year warranty​

The detectors are fabricated from GaAs high-mobility heterostructure in the standard semiconductor cycle using conventional optical lithography. The imaging sensor is manufactured on a single wafer. That process ensures high homogeneity and reproducibility of the plasmonic detector parameters (pixel-to-pixel deviation responsivity is within 20-percent range). Each unit detector proved to have room-temperature responsivity up to 50 kV/W with read-out circuitry and noise equivalent power 1 nW/Hz^0.5 in the frequency range 10 GHz – 1 THz. The detection mechanism is based on transformation of incident THz radiation into two-dimensional electron system (2DES) plasma oscillation. Plasma wave is then rectified on the inhomogeneity of 2DES electron density in the defect region.

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Coherent Q3FY14 will be marked by the obsolescence of their SNF/DLS/DLSC products.

 All OEM customers should by now be in the process of switching to StingRay platform. However for some of them it makes sense to source legacy lasers one more time to ensure a smooth transition and build up a safety stock for future service events. 

You should pay a particular attention to your OEM customers during this process and make sure they have received the correct information and timeline.


·         Your OEM customers have until June 30th, 2014 to place their LAST TIME BUY orders.


·         All LTB orders should have a request date within calendar year 2014.  Extension could be granted on a case by case basis.


·         All lasers will be covered by our standard warranty conditions


Should you have any question about the last time buy process or require some assistance, please contact us.

Alrad sign two new distribution deals

Apogge Aspen camera

Alrad sign agreement sell the Apogee range of scientific cameras in the British Isles.

Alrad is proud to announce it has been appointed British representative for Apogee cameras. Ian Alderton Sales Director at Alrad says “The Apogee product range is an exciting addition to our already extensive portfolio and gives us the opportunity to offer an even greater selection of camera products to our customers. We are very proud to be able to offer the Apogee range of products in the British Isles and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between the two companies which we are sure will benefit many of our customers”.


NIT infrared camera

WiDy Swir camera – Alrad appointed  representative

For laser measurements, high temperature thermography, waste sorting, bio medical imaging… 

New Imaging Technologies have appointed ALRAD IMAGING as their representative in the UK for their new Widy swir camera, which integrates an ultra wide dynamic range InGaAs sensor operating from 900nm up to 1700nm.

Alrad are pleased to announce their appointment as the exclusive UK representative of Reynard Corporation, San Clemente, CA, USA

Reynard Corporation manufactures custom optical components & thin film coatings from 0.2um to 50um (UV to far IR) to demanding specifications for military, aerospace, medical and telecommunication applications. In-house services include design support, optical and mechanical fabrication, photolithography, component sub-assembly and MIL-Spec environmental testing.

Reynard’s extensive manufacturing programme includes:-

  • Optical filters (for operation between 400 nm and 9.5 microns)
  • Prisms, mirrors, windows, flats, retardation plates and beamsplitters
  • Custom coatings

Special offer

Alrad win recognition from Coherent

StringRay lasersCoherent award
The award was presented to Alrad as recognition of achieving the highest ‘year on year’ growth (in terms of % increase) amongst Coherent’s European ‘Machine Vision’ distribution network


ALRAD launch new trading division -ALRAD PHOTONICS.

ALRAD is proud to announce it has formed its third trading division.

ALRAD PHOTONICS joins its other two existing trading divisions of ALRAD ELECTRONICS and ALRAD IMAGING.

"We thought the time was right to give our PHOTONICS products there own identity. The product range has grown significantly in recent years and we hope the new division will make it easier for customers to deal with us for the products they need" said Ian Alderton, Sales Director at Alrad.

New Laser Diode supplier
World Tech red laser module

ALRAD is well for its range of Laser diode modules. Well now customers will have an even greater selection as we can now offer products from World Star Tech.

World Star Tech is a dynamic company started in 1996, focusing on laser applications.

As the company grew, they expanded their product line into sensor, measurement, biomedical, bioanalytical and laser illumination area. Today, they are a leading manufacturer and designer of laser modules and laser sensors.

Their products have been successfully used in a wide range of diversified applications from machine vision, alignment, process control to biomedical technology. World Star Tech's product line includes an extensive range of laser modules and systems with wavelengths ranging from 405 nm to 1064 nm with various power range.

Together with World Star Tech's experienced, highly skilled and dedicated technical staff ALRAD will help you to solve your design problem and help with your selection of either a stock or custom product.

Product range:-

  • Laser Diode Modules
  • Temperature laser modules
  • Laser Line Generators
  • Laser Diodes
  • Collimated Laser Products
  • Laser Detector

April 2012 - Alrad sign distribution agreement with ISVI-CORP

Alrad are pleased to announce they have signed a distribution agreement with ISVI-CORP for their range of very high resolution cameras.20 Mega Pixel camera

This dynamic young company have their engineering and development division in Korea and the main camera assembly facility is in the USA. The company specializes in high resolution, high speed camera technology for the automation machine vision industry. ISVI-CORP has developed cutting edge camera technology to meet the needs of many machine vision applications. Camera resolutions range from 5 Mega Pixels up to 25 Mega Pixels. All cameras have a CameraLink interface.  The cameras are ideal for a range of applications including automated optical inspection, solder paste inspection, package inspection and back light unit inspection.

More information on ISVI-CORP cameras


Focus & Commitment - Your Success is our Mission

What company cares more about your success in Machine Vision than the one that designs and delivers the highest performing and most reliable Structured Light products in the industry? With over 40 years of laser technology and application experience, Coherent is that company, and is the one that remains committed to supporting the success of its Structured Light customers.

Structured lasers for Machine Vision

The Coherent Commitment to Your Success - Excellence, Teamwork and Leadership

As part of Coherent ongoing commitment to your success, they continue to refine and improve the products and resources they provide beyond the expectations of our customers.

· Coherent has increased its dedicated sales force to directly service the Machine Vision global community. Their people are experienced and innovative with a proven track record of success.

· Coherent is expanding its application support to Machine Vision customers. The combination of their engineering expertise and their ability to work in partnership with customers enable them to provide application expertise with the commitment to deliver results.

· Coherent continues its development of Beam Shaping technology to deliver repeatable, highly uniform laser lines. Born from our unparalleled experience in Machine Vision technology and their expertise applying it into Bioinstrumentation/medical applications, they continue their track record of delivering world class solutions.


For additional information on Coherent entire line of Structured Light lasers


Alrad sign distributor agreement with ISVI-CORP

ISVI specializes in cutting edge camera technology featuring High resolution and high speed for Automation, high speed inspection, PCB and wafer inspection.

More information on ISVI cameras


JOIN US AT PHOTONEX LONDON 26 April 2012- Imperial College - London - Stand S10


Photonex logo

Once again ALRAD will be attending the Photonex exhibition. This year it will be held at the Ricoh Centre, Coventry and we have booked Stand C10. The exhibition will be held on 18th and 19th October so put the dates in your dairy now and come and join us.



See us at PPMA ( The Processing and Packaging Machinery Association exhibition at the NEC -Birmingham 27-29th September 2011 on stand G69.

Keep up to date with our build up to the show here

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New Application Brief available on linescan cameras

If you are interested in high speed, high resolution cameras, frame grabbers, lighting or optics this application brief is for you.

Entitled Talking linescan imaging - Don't miss it - Download here


Cognex support Matrix Vision VisionPro

Cognex has integrated MATRIX VISION hardware to VisionPro. As of now, VisionPro users won’t have to miss the innovative products from MATRIX VISION anymore.
Primarily, VisionPro is characterized by its comprehensive tool set, which covers all vision demands from geometric object location and inspection to identification and measurement.
The software is proven in more than 500,000 installations worldwide.

See Alrad at Midlands Manufacturing exhibition 6-7th April 2011 Stand 1347 at the NEC Birmingham

Our stand at last years VTX exhibitionMidlands Manufacturing


Alrad sign official distributor agreement with Artray

Alrad is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement to act as an official distributor for Artray.

Based in Japan, Artray is a leading manufacturer of cameras designed specifically for industrial, scientific and thermal imaging applications.

Amongst its extensive product range are industrial cameras with either CCD or CMOS sensors and a USB2.0 output, making them easy to set up and integrate into many applications; thermal imaging cameras for a wide variety of infrared monitoring and measurements; HDMI + USB2 dual output cameras allowing connection to a high resolution monitor or a PC.  

Ian Alderton, Director, Alrad said “We have been reselling Artray cameras for a number of years now and this agreement cements the relationship between the two companies.  It also shows Artray is determined to step up its activities in the British market place, and in co-operation with Alrad will enhance its support to customers in the UK and Irish markets - which will be of benefit to everyone”.

For more information on Artray products click here

Photonex 2010Photonex 2010

The Photonex 2010 was held at Telford in November and the picture shows our stand with Dave Cass and Raf Slotwinski eagerly awaiting stand visitors. Just two of our professional sales team always available to assist customers select the right product for their application.

If you need assistance and good advice call Dave or Raf or any of their experienced colleagues now on 01635 30345.



Alrad exhibit at Sensing Technology



Our Stand at Sensing Technology 2010

If you missed us at Sensing Technology why not catch up with us at Photonex 2010






Total 2010

See us at TOTAL 2010 - Stand No. 5940F

NEC Birmingham 25-27 MAY 2010


Visit our stand at VTX Exhibition

VTX 2010 - NEC Birmingham - 27-28th April 2010 -Stand No 15VTX notice40

VTX or Vision Technology Exhibition is the showcase of vision related systems and components for the UK and Ireland. Strategically co-located alongside the Machine Building and Automation and MTEC, Sensors and Instrumentation Exhibitions, VTX offers the new and expert users face to face contact with the leading manufacturers and distributors of vision systems and downstream components including:

• Vision Systems
• Software
• Cameras and Components
• Image Processing Systems
• Associated Identification and Inspection Technology
• Photonics and Optical Technology

More information on the VTX exhibition


New e2v linescan camera details

We have a new publication detailing the range of line scan cameras available from e2v. A copy (pdf file) can be downloaded here.

With 25 years experience in the CCD field, since the development of its first digital camera prototype, e2v is now recognized as a key supplier in the machine-vision market. e2v digital CCD camera technology delivers better image quality compared to analog cameras. In digital CCD cameras, the digitization takes place in the camera and results in better dynamic range and a higher image accuracy, while image quality is clearly one of the most important features to machine-vision applications. They are competing in this machine-vision market by supplying line scan cameras coupled with services at an excellent price to quality ratio.

New offices at last!

After the floods of July 2007 the Alrad office refurbishment has been completed.

New Office1New Office 2


Do you need more information on lens terminology or help in calculating the specific lens you need then we have two handy technical guides that can help you:-

CCTV lens terminology - explains all that lens jargon pdf icon

CCTV lens selection calculator- helps you select the correct lens for your application .pdf icon


Alrad Flooded- The day the rain came down!!

Flood PictureFlood Picture

On the 20th July 2007 the Alrad offices were flooded after heavy rains in Newbury. However due to a fantastic effort by all staff this has caused minimum disruption to business. The offices were flooded to a level of 2 feet. Fortunately flood waters receded quickly so salvage work was able to start very rapidly and services restored within a short period. The company can assure all customers and suppliers that normal service has now been restored although it could be some months before the building is back to looking like its old self.

Technical Support and Site Map added to the web site

In order to better serve our customers we have added a technical support link to our web site. Any existing customer with a technical issue can use this technical support enquiry page.

We have also now included a site map page so if you cannot find the page you want go to site map and look down the list of index items