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Laser Projectors

Industrial laser projectors serve as optical guidance systems

Industrial laser projectors serve as optical guidance systems. In many manufacturing processes, they allow the operator to work without a template by viewing the workpiece directly, greatly facilitating the positioning of the tool, or assembly of the material. Laser projectors visually guide production staff through manual or semi-automatic production processes.

Laser projectors are especially accurate due to a fast and stable projection with high repetition rate, so that visual flickering is reduced. Z-LASER laser projectors are optimized for 2D and 3D applications and offer extremely accurate projection in the millimeter range. The optical angles (80 ° x 80 °) allow the coverage of large work areas.

Z-LASER laser projectors can be combined into multi-projection systems. As a result, large and very complex projections are possible (eg, shipbuilding, wind vane construction for wind turbines, u.v.m.)

Time and material savings due to optimized workflow
Higher manufacturing accuracy and quality
Immediate visual quality control
Increased production capacity

Laser assembly assistance system
A laser projection system in conjunction with a stereo camera and a comprehensive software package initiates assembly processes and performs inspection tasks within manual work processes.

Guiding and checking
Based on the final CAD model, setup information such as 3D views, projection data, information, and inspection tasks are calculated for the manual work process. This paperless and draft-free operation minimizes design efforts and connects engineering directly with production.

During the assembly and set-up processes of medium to large objects, an outstanding increase in efficiency and reduction of costs can be achieved.
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Z laser

High Power Laser Projector
The LP-HFD2 is the successor of our proven LP-HFD laser projector.
This high-power laser projector with a fiber-coupled laser source offers the highest projection accuracy. It is optimized for displaying 2D and 3D projections. Presentation of CAD data is easily doable with the enclosed LPM software. Coupled with the laser projector, it can also be used as a multi-projection system.

Fiber-coupled lasers with a red and/or green beam source, and an output power of 7 mW are used. If required, stronger laser sources of up to 28 mW can be used. Standard focus optics can be achieved at a distance of 0.5 m to 7 m. With a Teleoptik, distances up to 14 m are possible. The laser projector is also available in a multicolour version (an RGB laser).

In addition to its new casing, and its IP65 protection class, special emphasis was placed on temperature stability during development. Cooling options such as a fan hose and water cooling are available for use at higher ambient temperatures. Ethernet is the typical data connection mode. In addition, communication via Profinet or a serial connection is possible. 
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