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StingRay LasersStingRay lasers

Coherent StingRay structured light lasers are a new range of diode-based pattern generators which delivers enhanced flexibility, unique output optimization capabilities, and extended lifetimes for machine vision applications.

Coherent StingRay lasers enable the construction of faster and more accurate machine vision systems that use 3D Triangulation. The Coherent StingRay series mates a diode laser with high performance electronics and precision refractive optics for pattern generation covering the widest range of applications.

With the advancements represented by the Coherent StingRay, effective June 30, 2014, Coherent will no longer offer our SNF, GLL, and DLS laser systems for sale. Limited service support will be available until January 31. 2019. 

SEPTEMBER 2015 NEWS - New StingRay Development Kit

The Coherent StingRay Development Kit enables end users, integrators, researchers, and educational labs to evaluate quickly 3D applications in which structured light lasers provide solutions.
Coherent StingRay development kit Because of the Coherent StingRay’s world-class performance, reliability and flexibility, users can quickly configure, set up and obtain data, knowing that, from beginning to end, the Coherent StingRay will perform consistently and dependably for the lifetime of the project.
The Development Kit supports eight (8) different pattern configurations, delivering optical power from 1 mW to 100 mW and patterns from a simple dot to line lengths of 0.5 meters, while maintaining the highest level of performance and reliability.

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OCTOBER 2014 NEWS - New StingRay Laser Enables Machine Vision with Better Contrast

The newest StingRay structured light generating laser from Coherent, Inc. offers up to 50 mW of output in the blue (450 nm), making it especially advantageous for machine vision applications based on 3D triangulation that involve darker materials.  In particular, blue light offers higher reflectivity and increased contrast for a wide range of materials having a dark surface finish, including metals, carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRPs) and rubber.  When combined with the unmatched line uniformity (±7.5%) and external focusing capability available with all StingRay series products, these advantages translate into increased measurement speed and improved dimensional accuracy in machine vision applications.  

This new StingRay laser has all the other important features found in longer wavelength StingRay predecessors, including “dynamic line balancing,” which enables straightforward correction of intensity variations in the projected line beam when the laser is used at off axis illumination angles.  StingRay lasers also feature an internal “health monitor” that alerts the user to diode end of life, thus allowing for laser replacement to be performed at convenient times, rather than causing unexpected production downtime.   

Machine vision using 3D triangulation is employed for automated, non-contact inspection in a wide range of industries, including automotive production, microelectronics fabrication, food processing, and metal fabricating.  StingRay lasers’ superior output characteristics and extremely low unit-to-unit variability, together with their built-in microprocessor and communications port, enable vision system builders to produce a more consistent product without the need for extensive calibration or adjustment.  This results in reduced design and production costs, as well as faster time to market. 

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SEPTEMBER 2014 NEWS - Coherent StingRay SD Structured Light Pattern Generating Lasers are ideal for food packaging applications.

Alrad Imaging is pleased to announce the latest structured light pattern generating laser from Coherent. In today’s world of expanding 3D vision systems, the camera and laser are equal partners in the accuracy, stability and repeatability of the measurements made and used by these applications. The requirements on the laser for uniformity, power, pointing and electrical stability are far above typical illumination system requirements. Having a source which produces very high power density, very thin measurement cross sections with a uniform return that does not mask the profile of the object is critical to the continued success of these demanding applications. The technology and advancement of these lasers has stayed the same for many years now, not giving the user the ability to leverage this portion of the system beyond its current technology. The Coherent StingRay SD laser platform is a re-vision of this technology, taking technology and best practices from leading edge applications in Bio instrumentation, Food Packaging and Laser Measurement and Control. The Coherent StingRay SD laser incorporates state of the art electronics, optics and mechanics to provide a compact, highly flexible and reliable laser source that re-sets the standard in Machine Vision.

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Mini LaserMini Laser

Coherent's Mini laser has the smallest dimensions available on the market for a diode laser producing uniform intensity lines. It is designed for years of reliable operation in systems where size and weight are a limitation. These patented line-generating optics have been integrated into the Mini laser to yield the same uniform non-Gaussian lines as our well-known SNF laser line generators.

Despite its small diameter (10 mm - less than 0.4'), the Mini is packed with features. It is ESD-protected, reverse-polarity protected, over-temperature protected, and offers a wide range of structured light patterns thanks to its interchangeable head design.

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Lasiris PowerLine Laser
PowerLine Series

Coherent’s Lasiris PowerLine structured light laser is a line generator developed for demanding industrial machine vision and scientific applications. Bridging the power gap between the popular SNF and Magnum series lasers, this thermoelectrically cooled device is able to emit uniform laser lines at high powers.

With exceptional beam pointing and focusing stabilities, the PowerLine laser can be operated in extreme environments ranging from -20°C to +55°C. The laser beam can be modulated by an external signal through a DB-9 connector on the back panel and all models can operate in either CW or external modulation mode. The laser is protected against over-voltage, reverse polarity of the power supply, over-temperature, and ESD.

Coherent Magnum II Laser for Machine Vision applicationsCoherent Magnum 11 laser

A high power laser designed for the most demanding industrial applications with high intensity and a wide selection of fan angles.

Coherent's Magnum II structured light laser is a high-power line generator developed for the most demanding industrial applications. It is available with a wide selection of output powers and fan angles and generates a uniform intensity distribution using patented line generating optics. In addition, the laser has high beam pointing and focusing stabilities.

The Magnum II has fully protected electronics as well as a bipolar thermoelectric cooler used to keep the laser diode at a constant temperature. The laser beam can be modulated by an external signal and all models can operate in either CW or external modulation mode.

The standard unit provides voltage outputs proportional to the beam power, laser diode current and laser diode temperature, for external monitoring. Optionally, the LCD located on the back panel can monitor these parameters. All units have a built-in time-lapse counter that enables the user to monitor the laser diode lifetime

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