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Directed Energy now back in private ownership

A message from Stephen Krausse
Directed Energy, Inc.

"As you know, Littelfuse acquired IXYS in January of 2018 which has resulted in changes at our Colorado location. 
I'm excited to share with you that I've worked with the Littelfuse team to acquire the Directed Energy laser diode driver and high voltage pulser product business which is now under private ownership. We've come full circle! In 2000, the founders of Directed Energy (myself included) sold the company to IXYS in order to scale production of the IXYSRF MOSFET and have closer access to die design resources

Over the next 18 years IXYS and Directed Energy developed a number of innovative MOSFETs and RF MOSFET Drivers for the RF industry. As of January 2018 IXYS itself was purchased by Littelfuse. The integration of IXYS into the Littelfuse family presented a unique opportunity for me to reacquire the high voltage pulsers and laser diode drivers offered by Directed Energy and move the business back to private ownership. The IXYSRF products which are best served by a components manufacturer will remain part of the Littelfuse family. 

Rest assured that any open orders for Directed Energy products were transferred along with the business and will be fulfilled by the same great team you have always worked with!"

Please note that the long standing relationship between Alrad and DEI will continue as before.


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