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New 20x Optical Zoom GigE Camera with Global Shutter

The Imaging Source announces the launch and immediate availability of the first in a new family of GigE zoom cameras featuring 20x optical zoom, autofocus, autoiris with Power over Ethernet (PoE).


The new 20x Optical Zoom GigE Camera from The Imaging Source is now available and shipping. Here we are carrying out an initial out of the box test and we are very impressed with the easy set-up, image quality and zoom range which is not surprising as this camera features the Sony Pregius 3.1 megapixel global shutter sensor type IMX264. Available in both monochrome and colour options, the global shutter ensures distortion-free imaging, even for fast-moving objects, and delivers high frame rates as well as high dynamic range and excellent colour reproduction.
The GigE POE operation enables this versatile camera to be used in a wide variety of applications including remote imaging, safety monitoring, quality control and recording, traffic and parking solutions and test and instrumentation. More information


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